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Fate In The Odyssey

No description

Nick Yorick

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Fate In The Odyssey

Fate In The Odyssey Circe also told Odysseus that he would have to row over Charybdis and he would run into Scylla. He told his men about Charybdis but did not warn them about Scylla. He considered how the men's morale would be if he told them about Scylla and he chose not to tell them. If he did tell them he was worried they would not make it through Charybdis, and the losses would be much less with Scylla. Athena helped Odysseus through his long journey. She made his fate much better many times throughout the story. An example would be when Athena put the fig tree in the whirlpool for Odysseus to grab on to. nhopji Odysseus was told by Circe that on his way home he would come across many obstacles. The Sirens who will attempt to lure him to their island. Odysseus warns his men of the upcoming problem and they begin to prepare. Odysseus tells his men to tie him to the mast of the ship and tells them to put beeswax in their ears. Zeus also affected Odysseus' fate by punishing him for his men eating the cows. Zeus strikes the ship with a lightning bolt. Helios affected Odysseus' fate and all of his men's fate by commanding Zeus to kill all of them. Zeus went through with it but left Odysseus alive. By: Nick and Maggie
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