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The World of Downton Abbey

No description

Leecy Barnett

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of The World of Downton Abbey

The World
of American
Heiresses Aristocracy Peers
Duke & Duchess
Marquess & Marchioness
Earl & Countess
Viscount & Viscountess
Baron & Baroness Baronets & Knights Other landed Gentry I had a little bird
Its name was Enza
I opened the window,
And in-flu-enza. The Historical and Social Background of PBS' most popular show Domestic Service Male House Servants
Under Butler
3 Footmen
Hall Boy
Carpenter Kitchen Staff
3 Kitchen Maids
Scullery Maid
2 Still Room Maids
Daily Female House Servants
2 ladies maids
4 housemaids
2 dailies
4 laundry maids Other Inside Staff
Night watchman Outside Staff
Maintenance Men
Livestock Tenders
Chaufeurs Sarajevo The Great War Duke of Crowborough Evelyn Napier Heir to Viscount Sir Anthony Strallan Baronet? Sir Richard Carlisle Knight? Matthew Crawley
Commoner or
Heir of the Earl of Grantham Tom Branson
Irish! Stately Homes----
Military Hospitals &
Convalesent Homes Nurses Suffragettes National Union of Women's Suffrage. Women's Social and Political Union Sylvia Pankhurst described some of their destructive acts:

"Women, most of them very young, toiled through the night over unfamiliar country, carrying heavy cases of petrol and paraffin... Street lamps were broken, 'Votes for women' was painted on seats at Hampstead Heath, keyholes were stopped with lead pellets, house numbers were painted out... old ladies applied for gun licenses to terrify the authorities. A large envelope containing pepper and snuff was sent to every Cabinet minister... the press reported they all fell victims to the ruse. Empty houses and other unattended buildings were sought out and set on fire... bombs were placed near the Bank of England." Emmeline Pankhurst
and her daughters Christabel and Sylvia. Easter Rising of 1916 Irish
Independence Michael Collins Black and Tans Anglo-Irish Treaty Civil War Influenza Titanic Disaster Clothing Corsets Dressing for Dinner Country
Sports House of Worth House of Chanel Kamal Pamuck
Turish Rake Maternal
mortality Anglo
out Government of Ireland
Act 1920 Representation
of the People Act 1918/1928
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