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Ph.D Dissertation

Bioavailable Phosphorus in effluent from advanced wastewater treatment facility

Bo Li

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Ph.D Dissertation

The Study of Phosphorus Bio-availability
in Effluents from Advanced Wastewater Treatments

Bo Li
Civil & Environmental Engineering Department University of Washington
Total Phosphorus & Chemical Dose
Chemical Analysis
Bio-available P

Recalcitrant P

Experiment Setting
Selenastrum capricornutum
Culturing condition:
1. Continuous Illumination
2. Temperature: 24 ± 2ºC
3. Shake at 110 rpm.

Soluble P Analysis:
Day 0, 0.33, 1, 2, 4, 7, 10, 14, 21
Model Fitting
Model Selection
First order kinetic model
Experiment Setting
Selenastrum capricornutum10,000 cells/ml
Culturing condition:
1.Continuous Illumination
2.Temperature: 24 ± 2ºC
3. shake at 110 rpm.

Analyze Cell counts
What are the uptake kinetics of dissolved P in the effluents?
Bioassay Standard Curve
Spokane Pilot Plant (Three alum additions + filtration)
BAP in effluents from advanced treatment systems
Phosphorus Kinetics
Bioavailability Continuum
Spokane County Regional Water Reclamation Facility
Gamma model
Just in case you ask.....
Algae Growth Kinetics in CE-QUAL-W2
Gamma model
More about modeling results
Michael T. Brett, University of Washington

David Stensel, University of Washington
Mark Benjamin, University of Washington
Sally Brown, University of Washington
Tom Matula, Center for Industrial & Medical Ultrasound.
Ben Brattebo, Spokane County
Amit Pramanik, WERF
JB Neethling, HDR Inc.
Dave Clark, HDR Inc.
Bioavailability continuum
Spokane County Regional Water Reclamation Facility
City of Post Falls Water Reclamation Facility
Hayden Wastewater Research Facility
Coeur d’Alene Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant
Inland Empire Paper Company
Spokane Water Reclamation Facility
North Durham Water Reclamation Facility
South Durham Water Reclamation Facility
Hayden Wastewater Research Facility
Coeur d’Alene Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant
Metropolitan Syracuse Wastewater Treatment Plant
Ruidoso Village Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
Broad Run Water Reclamation Facility
Rock Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
Durham Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility
Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant
City of Las Vegas Water Pollution Control Facility
Iowa Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant
Farmers Korner Wastewater Treatment plant
Snoqualmie Wastewater Reclamation Facility

Technical Support and Review Committee
Facility Staff:
Gamma Model k value:
More about modeling results
How many and are in the effluents?
How fast are and being used?
What is in the effluents
from advanced wastewater treatments?
What is the Bio-availability of P in the effluents?
National Study
75 samples from 17 Plants
TP permit
BAP in effluents from advanced treatment systems
3 pool Model
Gamma Model
Molecule-weight fractionation
Chemical Reactivity Bioavailbility
Bioavailability of different P species
What is in the effluents
from advanced wastewater treatments?
BAP is low (<20%) in the effluents
Bio-availability Continuum

Can be easily used by algae
Unlikely to persist in natural system
Bio-available Phosphorus

Undergoes a much slower uptake process
Up to 70% of P in the effluents could be recalcitrant
May consist of large molecules (>3 kDa) or bounded with Al/Fe.
Could sustain in systems for years
Recalcitrant Phosphorus
If there is time machine........
Bio-availability of different Molecule-weight fraction
Bio-availability of dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus
Large molecule size (>3kDa)
Bounded with Al or Fe.
Recalcitrant P
Recalcitrant P:
Predictor of BAP
Regression model: BAP vs. TP, SP, TRP, SRP

Bio-available Phosphorus

Recalcitrant P


Inorganic P
Organic P
Inorganic P
Organic P
Phytic Acid
Humic Substances
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