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bernoullis equation

air pollution

fatin amirah

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of bernoullis equation

EQUATION HASLINDA NOH NURASYIQIN NABIHAH *Head loss is energy loss within a moving fluid ENERGY PER UNIT WEIGHT Health -

affects respiratory and cardiovascular system HEAD LOSS Incompressible real fluid imagine that you're in an elevator with your friend BERNOULLI'S PRINCIPLE is a physical phenomenon that was named after the Swiss scientist Daniel Bernoulli, who lived during the eighteenth century

The principle stated :where the speed of a fluid is low, the pressure is high. Where the speed of the same fluid is high , the pressure is low BERNOULLI'S PRINCIPLE........ Developing the Equation
Bernoulli equation is an approximate relation between pressure, velocity and elevation, and is valid in regions of

steady, incompressible flow where net frictional forces are negligible. Bernoulli equation is derived by applying the conservation of linear momentum principle.  It is known as Bernoulli Effects which is lowering of

fluid pressure in regions where the flow velocity is increase. ENVIRONMENT Damages vegetation by interfering the plants ability to produce and store fruits because it all comes back to you THANK YOU it all comes back to you Bernoulli's Principle ! ! G R O U P M E M B E R S SYARAFINA LIYANA FATIN AMIRAH AYUNI ATHIRAH FAIZ *wall friction head loss *Pipe friction head loss BERNOULLI'S
FLUID and if we multiply first
equation by If we multiply first equation by g
we obtain the following alternate
forms: For the case of an incompressible
fluid (y=constant), integrate
equation 3.3 to give EQUATION 3.3 ENERGY PER UNIT WEIGHT: Bernoulli equation states that during steady, incompressible flow with negligible friction, the various of forms of mechanical energy are converted to each other, but their sum remains constant. There is no dissipation of mechanical energy during such flows since there is no friction that converts mechanical energy to sensible thermal(internal) energy. for an incompressible fluid we can integrate from some point 1 to another point 2 on the same streamline , where the distance between them is L ,we get for an incompressible real fluid Bernoulli's Principle
video Energy Per unit Mass
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