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Chilon Viovicente

on 19 February 2014

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By: Nadine Gordimer
Dutch Settlers ( Boers) Arrived in South Africa in the 17th Century: their decendants areknown as Afrikaners. By the the beginning of the 20th century, black Africanshad lost their independence and come under white British or Afrikaners rule.

1931- Britain gave South Africa independence.
1948- afrikaners Nationalist party formalized the system of Apartheid.

Apartheid - laws that segregate racial Groups.

The Story is Set in South Africa
  There was a couple who bought a farm10 miles out of Johannesburg. The workers in the farm are Blacks.
An alarming news.
Information to the Authority
Lerice’s husband informs the police and later health authorities. Illegal immigrants should be brought to notice as per the law of the government. For crossing the border one should get the permit from the government. The body was taken by the health authority for post-mortem.
So Petrus asked again for their help, he knew that the he can help him.The Baas call the authority and it says that they need to pay 20lbs. Petrus was upsets.

The fellow workers of the farm help him in order to achieved such amount.
When the Coffin had arrived, they went for Procession for him to be buried. But his father found out that it was the wrong body that the authority had given.

The baas had call again to the authority, that they had given the wrong body., the authority made apology, promising them to return the real one.
They waited for several days, but nothing had come. They asked for the return of the body but the money can't be return anymore., black people were being discriminated in life but also in death.
The Husband was a partner in a Luxury-Travel agency, which is flourishing.
In the middle of winter nights, while the couple were sleeping. Lerice heard a knock from of their servant. It was Albert waking them.
The couple found out that there was an unknown boy died recently in one of the hat of the farm. The boy was from Rhodesia. He was the brother of Petrus.
Petrus asked the couple to help him because he was an illegal immigrant.
Petrus wants to take the body that health authority has taken for several day. Because Petrus father will come to attend the burial ceremony. He has already a permit and he's on his way.
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