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Building a Picture Frame

A complete presentation on how to build a picture frame.

Ian Walker

on 23 June 2010

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Transcript of Building a Picture Frame

Double click anywhere & add an idea Picture Frame Picture Frame Project
100 Marks Step 1 - Creating Rough Dimensions
Select a size of photo
8x10, 11x14, 16x20
Measure the photo and add 10” to the length and width
Write down the measurements
Step 2 - Selecting stock
Locate a board of alder that will accommodate your total length and width

You should be able to get two different lengths out of one board

Share with a partner if possible
Step 3 – Cutting to rough length Cut to rough length using the mitre saw or radial arm saw
Bow of board goes up against the fence
Step 4 - Joint or plane one face Use the jointer to create a reference face
Board must be longer then 12 inches
You can use the planer instead if the board is relatively flat to begin with
Mark the new jointed face with an X
Step 5 - Joint one edge Joint one edge
Mark a X as a reference on both jointed sides
Board must be longer than 12 inches
Step 6 - Plane to thickness Plane to final thickness (no smaller than 5/8”)
Move table up one revolution at a time
Step 7 - Rip on the table saw

Measure the width of the board, divide by two and minus ¼ inch
Rip four equal pieces at that measurement on the table saw
Step 8 - Create outer profile Select router bit for outside profile
Use a practice piece
Set up the feather boards
Follow proper safety procedures
Step 9 - Create rabbet joint Use router table to create a rabbet joint to hold the picture/acrylic/backing board
Follow proper safety procedures
Max depth of cut ¼ inch per pass
Step 10 – Layout the mitre locations Use the rabbet joint to layout finished measurements on the face of the picture
Mark the mitre location on the frame

Step 11 – Cut the mitre joint
Use the mitre saw to cut the mitre joints
Go slow to reduce tear out
Step 12 - Glue up Use the 4 corner strap clamp
Test the fit before gluing
Wipe up excess glue with a damp rag
Step 13 – Sanding Finish sand your project
Start with 80-100 grit and work your way up to 220 grit
Always sand with the grain
Step 14 – Staining You can choose to put a stain on your project
Use a rag, wipe on some stain, let it sit for a bit then wipe the stain off
Read the directions on the can
Prop up the frame to let it air dry
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