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Absolute Monarchy

No description

Madeline White

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Absolute Monarchy

Absolute Monarchy
Benefits of Absolute Monarchy
Comparison to 'The Giver'
In 'The Giver' the elders are basically a 'supreme ruler.' A supreme ruler is in other words, is an absolute monarchy, Except for the fact that they don't make a big deal about it. They are basically, 'silent rulers.' They have lots of power, but hide in the background.
King Louis the XIV
By: John, Luci, and Maddy
The Monarch
The Monarch has control over:
the price of taxes
foreign policy
Make foreign policy
declare wars
say who to worship
change the cost of taxes
King Louis the XIV wanted to make all the major decisions. He quoted, "Don't sign anything, not even a passport."
Kings are chosen by a higher power, such as the king at the time.
Absolute Monarchy is where the King, Queen, Emperor, or Empress is in charge of everything and everyone. The helpers can only give suggestions.
Current Absolute Monarchs of the World:
King Abdullah (Saudi Arabia)
King Mswati III (Swaziland)
Charles III (England)
Someone who plots against the king will not go to jail they will for sure be killed.
An absolute monarchy government is the best government because if you are the monarch, your power is not limited by the laws or the Constitution.
King louis the 13th banned all the churches except the catholic ones because he was catholic.
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