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Making the Most of Pinterest and Instagram

Pinterest & Instagram are relative newcomers on the social media scene. Learn how they work & if they're right for you.

Jeremy Williams

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Making the Most of Pinterest and Instagram

Set up Instagram for your brand Making the most of... = Content Creation = Content Curation Jeremy A. Williams @JeremyAWilliams We grew our Pinterest fanbase a bit (not a blowout, but pretty decent bump in followers). However, the amount of page views and backlinks to our site were a total win for us. Since we started the Pinterest campaign, the social site has become one of the top 10 referral sites for our website. Not too shabby for a one month promotion. - Del Holston #hoosiergram Inspirational... Aspirational... Collaborative Board - Austin, TX pinterest.com/source/homeofpurdue.com pinterest.com/source/YourURL Instagram Stats - 2013 Pinterest Stats - 2013 15% of Internet Users
Avg. time on site: 10:26
72% total traffic from US
92% of social referrals from FB Source: PEW - Demographics of Social Media Users - 2012 (Feb 14, 2013) - pewinternet.org/Reports/2013/Social-media-users.aspx Source: similarweb.com/website/pinterest.com Visual Bookmarks A picture is worth
1,000 tweets Instagram simplified & popularized photo sharing Instagram beat out competitors like PicPlz, Lightbox & Hipstamatic 100,000,000 - 2/25/13 Launched October 6, 2010 on iOS only history Android version launches early April, 2012 Acquired by Facebook - late April, 2012 Reaches 100,000,000 active monthly users - February, 2013 Share with your networks Share to your FB page Want frictionless and automated sharing? Automate Simple Tasks How do we start getting interaction on Instagram? #hashtag Share it! Ask a Question Host an Instagram contest Photo Walk to Iconic GR places Photo Contest - #ExperienceGR Results? 196 photos entered 389 votes for Top 10 Coverage from 5 local media outlets Remember May 2012 - around 40 million members on Instagram #hoosiergram visitindiana.tumblr.com Connect Create Share Promote Engage with
your Community How can I use Pinterest? Secret Pinterest Tip How do I pin something? Use secret boards for internal collaborations What about Contests? How do I track things on Pinterest? business.pinterest.com Recap #SoMeT12 706 Photos Shared Connect Curate Share Promote Engage with
your Community Recap Any questions? @jeremyawilliams #HHC2013 #HHC2013 @PureMichigan @PureMichigan @DiscoverOhio @ExperienceGR @VisitIndy @ExpCols @VisitIndiana @VisitIndiana @VisitBTown @VisitAustinTX @HomeOfPurdue @VisitAsheville What should I pin? Add Pinterest/Pin It button on each post, not just the blog homepage @VisitIndiana Remember to use GOOD photos @VisitBTown Make descriptions descriptive Don't make them spammy - be authentic Final Tip Use & personally first GREAT Presentation:

bit.ly/iotd-pin business.pinterest.com/analytics
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