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The Seven Agents of Socialization

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Ayisha k

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of The Seven Agents of Socialization

After leaving the safety of my family, school is where I found myself exposed to the importance of obeying authority, difficulty in succeeding, as well as interacting with different groups and kinds of people in one environment. School is also where I discovered friendships, my love for knowledge and how to socialize with others. In an atmosphere where you were being evaluated for your learning, it was interesting to see how various groups ended up being created according to that evaluation. Seeing people being treated unequally due to certain characteristics they may possess also proved to be a new and scary concept for me.
Though providing formal education is the initial intent of schools, I have found that the socializing and experiences we come across at school prove to be very significant throughout our lives.
Peer Groups
My religion, Islam, has proven to be the basis on which my parents and I try our best to build our moralities, beliefs and values. Faith gives me hope and something to believe in when life is not going as I want it to. I feel blessed to be surrounded by positivity, family, and friends. I love that I have my
religion to thank for my
It seems surreal to admit, but after my family, media is what I've been in contact with most from an early age. From Disney princesses to Victoria's Secret models, the media standardizes the way we should be, and the things we should like. Despite my best efforts to not take these ideals to heart, they are a constant jab and reminder of how I am not perfect. We often change ourselves to fit into society's expectations and be accepted by our peers, and I know I have changed myself too.
I believe that as we grow and become individuals, though the media will continue to influence and shape our decisions, we learn to dismiss certain aspects of the media and give our own perceptions priority over others'.
Change has proven to be a constant in my life that I didn't necessarily understand the positives about until recently. Currently in my 8th school, I've experienced many different peer groups and school environments. The one thing I found to be similar in most of the schools was the peer groups individuals chose to associate themselves with. Ultimately, peer groups influence our identity and reflect personal attitudes, clothes we choose to wear, places we go as well as our actions.
Because of the various peer groups I have encountered, I have had the opportunity to fit in to and befriend contrastive kinds of people. I eventually learned that the best kinds of friends and individuals to associate with are the ones that accept you for who you are, and I am glad to say I have done so successfully.
My family is an extremely significant group of people in my life. Being the
first I created emotional ties with, my family has provided me with my initial
set of values, beliefs and moralities. My parents also introduced me to my
religion and culture, which continue to be an element to who I am.
Though some of the beliefs and values I have learned and internalized
may be modified later in life, they will always remain a part of me; just
like my relationship with my family will never fade away and stay of high
While many people often group religion and culture together as the same thing, from personal experience I have learned that they only influence each other. The way I follow my religion is affected by my surrounding culture, and the culture of my society is affected by the citizens' religions.
As an immigrant, to this day I struggle with pressure from two different cultures to conform: one that is Pakistani and praised by my parents, and the other Canadian culture that is followed by my friends and is considered the "norm." Through this struggle, though, I believe I have received the opportunity and push to find my identity and place in society.
The Seven Agents of Socialization
Reading and writing are two things that I enjoy most about life. Through books, I get to escape reality; through books, I get to visit places and be people I know I'll never get the chance to in real life.
I appreciate literature; the simple art of text on paper that ignites our imaginations. It has helped expand my knowledge and perspectives, and shaped me into the person I am today.
By: Ayisha Khalid
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