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Project Hammurabi Code with Comparing


Dahnit kiet

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Project Hammurabi Code with Comparing

Hammurabi was a King in Babylon. Babylon is now modern Iraq Hammurabi Code mostly contain Death If any one hire an ox, and put out its eye, he shall pay the owner one-half of its value.   If any one impresses an ox for forced labor, he shall pay one-third of a mina in money.   If a shipbuilder build a boat of sixty gur for a man, he shall pay him a fee of two shekels in money.

Keep your deal in contract Hammurabi Code If a man strike a free-born woman so that she lose her unborn child, he shall pay ten shekels for her loss.

Commandants: Don’t hurt others Hammurabi’s Code If during a quarrel one man strike another and wound him, then he shall swear, "I did not injure him wittingly," and pay the physicians.

Commandants: Don’t be envious be of others Hammurabi’s Code If anyone steal their another son they shall be put to death.

Commandants: Don’t Hurt others Comparing again! :3 1. If anyone steal a pig, cow, donkey, etc that belong to the court or god, the thief shall pay 30 fold, if it belong to a free man you have to pay 10 fold, if they have nothing they shall be beheaded.

Commandants: Don’t steal Hammurabi’s Code   Hammurabi Code If a builder build a house for some one and complete it, he shall give him a fee of two shekels in money for each sar of surface.

Thou shall not sell out thy friends Hammurabi Code in comparing 4.   If a woman of the free class lose her child by a blow, he shall pay five shekels in money.

Commandants: Respect your parents More rules :3 2. If anyone finds a runaway slave in a open country, the owner must pay 2 shekels of silver.

Commandants: Don’t lie COMPARE :D By: Dahnit Kiet and Dontaynie Coard Thank you Mrs.Burrow for giving us projects. Also Thank you Google Images for our pictures! Have a uhhhh.. NICE DAY :D
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