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Music Therapy

Senior Project 2011

Katie Clevenger

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Music Therapy

Music Therapy
Katie Clevenger
Ms. Spangenberg
BritLit, Period 3 Why Music? Music is encoded into us Rhythym of heart and breath Relaxation Long term hospital patients
Reduces stress from treatment
Terminally ill patients
Provides way of escape for patients that are worried or upset Sleep Music echoes the rhythm of the heartbeat Sedative lullaby-like music with decreasing tempo induces relaxation and reduces activity 42-65 beats per min Cures insomnia, headaches, and increased heart rate Reduces muscle activity, skin temperature, and heart rate Coordination of Mind and Body through Music Music Engages our motor and sensory systems
Parkinson’s disease patients
Because the tempo is steady, it creates timed intervals to perform bodily functions with Music as a Speech Therapy Used to help pronounce words and learn vowel sounds Could include pronouncing vowel sounds at different pitches with different instruments Words and phrases can become instantly easier to sound out with slow tempos in music Dementia and Alzheimer's The Hippocampus of the brain retrieves memory by putting the music in context and relating memories or other related music Dementia Patients may forget how to speak but almost never forget music, they delight in it. - Neuroplasticity Music syncronizes our brain states Music Connects Us Science shows that song lies at the core of life Music Therapy Music helps the brain to learn how to organize information There is no other activity that causes the brain
and body to do so many things at one time. And it is social.
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