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How did slavery affect white people including non-slave owning families?

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Amberly Westover

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of How did slavery affect white people including non-slave owning families?

Effects of slavery today Slave Life- Facts Amberly
White person view Emily
Slave view (add feelings) Amberly
World’s view Kylie
Extremes Amberly

Effects on people Emily
Effects on future/economy Kylie
Answer Question Emily
Conclusion Kylie Facts of a Slave life
-Slaves lived in small cottages
-These cottages were overseen by a Bailiff
-When a child is born to a slave, the child belongs to the master, not the mother
-When a master died, their slaves were often given to someone else in the will
-It was illegal for slaves to read or educate themselves. Feelings in the life of a slave Punishments were often very harsh. For Women and Men, they would get whipped or beaten. For other women, like Harriet Jacobs, masters would physically abuse the women and rape them. Children would often were nothing but a shirt. Extremes Both the slaves and the slave masters went to extremes.
The masters went to extremes by treating the slaves terribly, killing the slaves, and acting like the slaves weren't people, but objects.

The slaves went to extremes also. For example, Nat Turner, a slave, participated in a band of slaves that killed 50-60 white men, regardless of whether they treated slaves badly or no. The first to die was a family of 5. They were all killed by an axe, including the baby that lie in the crib. Slavery was a major issue from the beginning of our
nation up until the civil war. We know this and learn
about it in our history classes. But what we don't always learn is that slavery wasn't cured overnight. They were still treated extremely harshly and even unthinkably. Even today racism is so prevalent. In these two clips you will see different ways racism is crept up in our nation Today. And even how people become too paranoid about not offending others because of all the hurt our country has undergone. Racism is still here its still an issue, but its still our history. We need to except what has happened and move on giving each man the equality they deserve. White Person's View White people's opinion on slavery really depended on if they were for or against slaves. People that liked slavery and had slaves, well, they liked it. They found them to be useful, which meant less work for them. They got to save money and get more money coming towards them. It was a really great thing to them. They would convince slaves that they were nothing and they should be ashamed of themselves.

To someone that was opposed to slavery, it wasn't good. They felt that they were men and should be treated as such, not like livestock. Slavery was not a good idea and they it should be abolished. This is totally perfect! Amberly you rock! :) Effects on People Slaves made people dependent on their free labor
Gave them someone to feel superior to
Could be abusive to them and it would be okay/ more aggressive Question Answer: It affected everybody in America. To the slave owners it affected them by free labor, which means no working. The people that didn't own slaves had to live in a society that allowed slaves. If they lived down in the South then they could be ignored or hurt because of their feelings about slavery. Everyone in society, even if they tried not to be, was affected. How did Slavery Affect White People Including Non-Slave Owning Families? By Kylie Young, Emily Tucker, Amberly Westover A1 I am not sure who did the amazing special effects, but it is beautiful! You did an amazing and spectacular job!! Worlds View Most European countries abolished slavery long before the U.S. did. You can imagine the opposition that occurred against us, yet in vain. As photography grew more of the world was able to witness the horror of black slavery, and some tried to bring down the system. Conclusion Blacks, whites, and every other race in every other country and future generations have been and always will be affected by the slavery that dominated our country and even the slavery still happening today. Discrimination is passed on from generation to generation and lives on today. Whites have definitely been affected by slavery as much as any other man in the world.
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