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true nikki alexis

social studies project north korea invasion PREZI!

Tr Se

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of true nikki alexis

North Korean Invasion True Nikki and Alexis America told North Korea to make 29th parallel.
At a meeting the US said North Korea had crushed world peace by attacking South Korea.
On November 3rd, 1950, the US created a resolution called ‘United for peace’.
At Panmunjon, ceasefire was agreed in 1953 9-15-1950, UN made a big accomplishment by landing in Inchon. The UN took out .5 of north Korean army. Discussing the Invasion and Accomplishments Also, tanks that were supposed to petrol the area to make sure that citizens were not on the battle grounds otherwise, they were set on fire.
Truman insists that the western nations should help rebel against the communist invasion in North Korea.
The united states had hoped the war would end soon with a peace truce, Although the war prevailed for two more years.
The US Navy made extra Air and gunfire support for their planes.
The ambassador had sent an immediate petition to the U.S. State Department, during the war. They are dived up between the 38th parallel still.
After the war was over Korea was kept as two separate sections, North and South.
The USSR occupies the northen are of south korea and the us the southern part.
After three years of fighting the war ended on July 27th, 1953. June 1950- North Korea attacked South Koreea
At the end of WW2 Korea split into two seperate nations
The United States helped South Korea
Russia helped North Korea.
At the end of 1948- North and South Korea were separate states. Truman sent General Douglas MacCarthur to lead a military group in Far East.
Only one of the North Korean divisions held there spot during the takeover of South Koreas capital.
The UN was upset about the invasion because they were happy about the South korea 1948 election and did not want to see that ne opportunity turned down.
Some people thought that when north korea attacked south korea that it was a plan of Stalins to take over the world.The UN armies had been fighting through North Korea for more than two months, with general MaCarthur. On September, 1950 Inchon was invaded.
The capital of South Korea; Seoul, was attacked by North Korean troops.
They invasion happened at 4:00 AM. The U.S. landed 40 miles from the border of North Korea , close to Skagnung. China had moved the UN forces all the way back to the 38th parallel.
When The north Korean troops invaded, it took everyone by surprise.
This lead the American Economic Corporation to get 2,000 staff members into South Korea quickly.
The cross over of the north Korean troops was confirmed by the seven power commission of the united states.
Although the chances of winning the war were slim because China had joined the war to help North Korea.
The u.s. reported about machine gun attacks from North Korean aircraft called “Yaks”.
The president of South Korea; Syngman Rhee had Told the U.S. that there were 36 armed tanks coming to the capital. America told North Korea to make 29th parallel
At the meeting the US said that North korea crushed world peace by attacking South Korea.
On November 3rd, 1950, the US created a resolution called "United for peace."
At Panmunjon, ceasefire was agreed in 1953
9-15-1950, the UN made a big accomplishment by landing in Inchon. UN took out .5 of the North Korean army. A tank from the war driving through the capitol of South Korea 38th parallel was where North Korea and south Korea were divided. A wireless station reported about counter attacks between North and South Korea
The Foreign Minister of South Korea had to have an emergency meeting to make sure none of the Korean Civilians were on the battle scene.
The North Korean troops had took control of south Korea on June 28Th.
About Two million people died during the invasion.
The armistice was the agreement that was signed on July 27 to stop fighting.
Only tanks and planes were not given to South Korea.
The us was worried about giving south Koreas president weapons before the war started, because he had wanted to invade North korea.
The 500 advisors of the KMAG; the Korean military advisory group, decided not to get aid from America in 1950.
In 1949 congress gave south korea and aid bill of a total of $150 million.The us was worried about giving south Koreas president weapons before the war started, because he had wanted to invade North korea McArthur moved into South Korea in November 1950
In January 1951 China pushed back the UN forces.
MaCarthur’s beliefs effected the military decisions. Battle destruction scene, in the capital of South Korea.
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