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No description

Robert Schondel

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Tangerine

Arthur VS. Luis
Luis comes up to Arthur because Erik hurt Tino and Luis starts arguing with Arthur and then Arthur pulled out a blackjack and killed Luis.
Paul VS. Erik & Arthur
Paul is running to his house when Erik pulls in the drive way with Arthur. Erik and Arthur threaten to hurt Paul because Tino and Victor beat Erik & Arthur up at the Senior Awards. But Paul said he wasn't afraid of them and said he would tell on them because Arthur killed Luis. Then Arthur and Erik ran away.

Blackjack or Sap
Conflicts & Resolutions Part 2
The antagonists in Tangerine is Erik Fisher (Paul's brother), Arthur Bauer (Erik's sidekick), and Vincent Castor (Erik's old sidekick).
Main Characters
Paul Fisher 12 years old and is in 7th grade. Is the main character of the main characters. Considered legally blind. Plays goalie for Tangerine Middle. Erik Fisher is Paul's older He is cruel. He is focus on the Erik Fisher Football Dream.
Mom (Mrs. Fisher) She grew up in a military family. Dad (Mr. Fisher) He ia the Deputy Director the Civil Engineering Department of Tangerine. Arthur Bauer Erik's sidekick, he killed Luis Cruz. Luis Cruz Theresa and Tino. He grows citrus fruits and Golden Dawns.
The Protagonist is Paul
Minor Characters
The Setting is Tangerine, Florida, and Lake Windsor Downs
Tino, Victor, and Paul VS. Erik and Arthur
Erik and Arthur are sitting up on stage on Senior Night when Tino and Victor started to punch Erik and Arthur Coach Warner chased them and he caught Tino but Paul jump on the Coaches back and Tino ran away. Then, Paul got talked to by his Dad and The Coach, and then he ran away off to his house.
By: Bobby

Joey Costello, Mike Costello, Jack Costello (Joeys Dad), Paige Bauer, Mr.Bauer, Antoine Thomas, Shandra Thomas,
Wayne, Henry D., Mr.Donnelly, Betty Bright, Bud Bridges,
Dr. Grace Johnson, Ms. Alvarez, Mrs. Gates, Tommy Acoso, Gino Deluca, Mr. Walski, Vincent Castor,
Old Charley Burns, Grandpop, Grandmom, and Maya Pandhi. Tino, Victor, Theresa

Conflicts and Resolution
4 Major Events
1. The Fisher family move Lake Windsor Downs.
2. Paul transfers schools to Tangerine Middle School.
3. Luis Cruz gets killed by Arthur.
4. Paul finds out about his eyes.
Images of the problems in
Lake Windsor Downs. Try to name them.
Edward Bloor
Born October
12, 1953 in Trenton, New Jersey. Edward has written 7 books including Tangerine.
Thanks for watching
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