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Mechanical Engineering

project for school on an engineering career

Shannon Ganeshram

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Mechanical Engineering

Engineers will have a huge impact on
our future, mainly in the way we do
things in everyday life.
Mechanical Engineering
The average salary of a mechanical engineer is $61,856
The highest was $119,950.
The lowest was$51,340
Demand In the Future
Approximately 226,000 mechanical engineers were employed in 2004.
Through 2014, employment of mechanical engineers in manufacturing should increase as the demand for improved machinery and machine tools grow.
It is impossible to tell the exact number of mechanical engineers in 2014 but we know the number should be higher than in 2004.
Requires a bachelors degree
Mechanical engineers in the USA must have a license as a professional engineer
To get a license, you must get a bachelors degree from a four year institution accredited by the ABET and have work experience with a licensed engineer
Major Responsibilities
Read and interpret blueprints and other technical documents.
Confer with engineers and personnel to implement operating procedures.
Research, design, evaluate, install, operate,and maintain mechanical products, equipment systems, and processes to meet requirements, applying knowledge principles.
Mechanical Engineering

Product Design: developing products in a varied range. Designs anything that move mechanically.
Manufacturing: developing machines to better older products, improve the efficiency systems etc.
Research Development: discovering results to problems we might have and build other systems
Systems Management: overlooks workers of a large workplace and sees everything is up to par.
Energy: plans and develops machines that use many types of energy such as electrical power, oil, and natural gas.
Working Conditions
By Shannon and Lydia
Mechanical Engineers
Types of Mechanical Engineering
Robot Sound Effects- Youtube
Test Laboratory: In the laboratory, they create and test their designs.
Manufacturing Plant: When the prototype is finished, they take it to the plant to make sure everything is just right.
In the field: Here they work on the site by running tests and may even find ways to improve the device.
Office: Mechanical Engineers start work in the office, meet with other engineers, and company executives. Then they start designing.
Who We're Dresses As
Today, We are dressed a construction mechanical engineers. We were building our own prototypes when we had to come in and present this!
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