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The Outsiders Chapters 1-3

No description

Ethan Davis

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of The Outsiders Chapters 1-3

The Outsiders Chapters 1-3
Bell Work Scavenger Hunt for Bonus Points on QUIZ!
In your groups you should find the following things from Chapters 1-3 and write them down on one piece of paper:

5 examples of figurative language-correctly identified
3 examples of conflict-correctly identified (man vs man, man vs self, man vs fate (nature), man vs society)
3 examples of theme-quote and theme
3 examples of imagery
3 examples of direct characterization
2 examples of indirect characterization

Turn to page 77 and read the poem aloud as a group when you are finished in order to win. Be prepared to back up your work. ---Candy may be involved as well.
Chapter 3 Review
Symbolism: when the author uses objects, colors, and references among other things to add deeper meaning to a story. These "things" represent more than themselves and can enhance a theme, idea, or character.

Ponyboy says, "Socs were always behind a wall of aloofness, careful not to let their real selves show through." What does he mean by that? Why would the Socs be like that? (pg. 38)

What is so important about Mickey Mouse, Soda's horse? What does he symbolize for Soda and the rest of the Greasers? (pg. 40)

What do sunsets symbolize for Ponyboy and Cherry in Chapter 3?
Chapter 3
What does Ponyboy tell Cherry about Darry? How do Two-Bit and Johnny respond?

Why does Ponyboy cry out, "It ain't fair!" ? (pg. 43)

What changes when Bob and the rest of the Socs show up in Chapter 3?

pg. 47-Manifestation of Ponyboy's/Johnny's Internal Conflict

Chapter 4
Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper labeled: Murder Investigation

1. What happened in the murder scene?
2. What do you think will happen to Ponyboy?
3. What do you think will happen to Johnny?
4. How will the event affect Ponyboy's family?

Homework: Read through Chapter 5
1. Write on your answer sheet whether or not your predictions were correct.
2. Explain what really happened.
3. How does the boys' decision make you feel?
4. Do you agree with what they did?
In-Class Essay
In order for you to have as much time as possible to write you need to do the following when you walk in:

1) Get out 2 sheets of blank paper
2) Get out all notes and planning sheets that YOU have been working on
3) Have your Outsiders book out that you can use for evidence
5) This is a quiz grade. If you feel the desire to distract everyone else, then you will take your quiz in lunch detention.

Prompt; Write a 1-2 page essay arguing whether Johnny Cade is guilty or not guilty of murder. Provide evidence from the novel and from your research. Be sure to consider the counterclaim(s).

When you are finished staple all of the work you have done over the past 4 days to the back of your essay. Questions from Ch. 4 & 5, research notes and questions, and your planning page. Put your planning page on top.
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