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Course Selection- Grade 11 Fall 2017

No description

Meg Maledy

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Course Selection- Grade 11 Fall 2017

STA values the diversity of our students.

Our mission...
2004 Graduation Program - 80 credits
... undergoing changes for 2018/19
Core Courses:
English, Math, Science, Social Studies
Required at grade 10:
Planning 10, PE 10
Required before graduation:
One course (4 credits) in fine arts or applied skill (can include business, drama, music, IT, art); at least 4 courses at the Grade 12 level and at least 7 electives (28 credits) from grade 10-12.
Required at STA:
Christian Education 10, 11, 12
Graduation Portfolio:
4 credits

Math Streams
Apprentice and Workplace Math 10
Foundations Math 11, 12
Pre-Calculus Math 10, 11, 12
Calculus 12 (can be taken concurrently with Pre-Calculus 12)
Students may elect to write the AP Calculus exam (for 1st year university credit)
Which, and how many, credits are required for graduation?
Plan ahead

2016-17 Course Selection for Future Grade 11 Students
Most students should be enrolled in Foundations Math. This is the math course for students with a 60-73% average in Math 9 (C-B average).

For business, sciences or engineering, the university prerequisite course is Pre-Calculus Math 10.

Universities will expect an average in the mid 80's - 90's (A average)
The Catholic School shares in the mission of the Church to proclaim and bring forth the reign of God.

We are committed, as a faith community, to excellence in Catholicity and in all areas that promote the development of the whole child to his or her full potential.

We strive to develop Christian leaders, responsible citizens and life-long learners.
Communications 10, 11, 12*
English 10, 11, 12*
Honours English 11, 12
AP English and Language Composition (exam)
Corpus Christi Running Start
English Literature 12
Writing 12
Science Courses
Science 10 (required)
Plus, at least one of:
Biology 11, 12
Chemistry 11, 12
Physics 11, 12
Earth Science 11
Science and Technology 11
Environmental Science 12
AP Environmental Science (exam)
AP Physics (exam)
Students must complete a math credit in both grades 10 and 11
(*Prov. Exam)
Social Studies 10, 11
History 12
Comparative Civilizations 12
Geography 12
Law 12
Psychology 12
BC First Nations 12
No provincial exam
Fine Arts/Applied Skills
At least 4 credits are required at the grade 10, 11 or 12 level
We offer...
Information Technology 10, 11, 12 (video, digital photography, programming)
Media Arts 11, 12 (Yearbook)
Foundations of Art 10, 11, 12
Drama/Performing Arts 10, 11, 12
Choir 11, 12
Concert Band/Jazz Band 10, 11, 12
Business: Accounting 11, Marketing 11, Entrepreneurship 12, Economics 12

Modern Languages:
French 10, 11, 12
Beginners' Spanish 11
Spanish 11
Some universities have a second language requirement
Students who have studied in a country under another language may be granted credit or could challenge a language exam
Christian Education
STA students are required to pass:
Christian Education 10
Christian Education 11
Christian Education 12
Physical Education
PE 10 (required)
PE 11
PE 12
Fighting Saints Basketball Academy (gr. 9-12)
Planning 10 and Graduation Transitions
Required for graduation
Planning 10 is taught in modules
Planning 10A (regular timetable) and in Planning 10B (during HACE weeks)
Graduation Transitions is a self-directed project with some class time in HACE weeks.
The final portfolio is presented in an interview in the Spring of the grade 12 year.

Study and Service Blocks
Study blocks are reserved for Grade 12 students
Students in Grade 11 can apply for a peer tutoring (non credit) block, but must be recommended by two teachers.
Course Selection Process Explained

Course Drop/Add deadline

LINK to course selection booklet:

Final words about selecting appropriate courses
abilities and aptitudes
out-of-school commitments
post secondary requirements
interests and passions
job prospects
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