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Leveraging Social Media to Engage Stakeholders Responsibly

Learn how organizations leverage social media to better connect with prospects and customers..

Ari Ioannides

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of Leveraging Social Media to Engage Stakeholders Responsibly

Using Social Media to Engage Stakeholders
It's Time to go Viral

Jenise Uehara Henrikson | Alpha Brand Media | @itsduhnise

Jenise Uehara Henrikson is CEO of Alpha Brand Media, an internet publishing company with a wide variety of verticals including fashion, lifestyle news, insurance and finance. She has been quoted in Investor's Business Daily, ABC News and other publications.
There are many people that are waiting to become connected.
How can you stand out and be found in the social
Focus on the "Big" Players
"Socialize" Online Content
Drive Users to Your Homepage
Get a YouTube Channel
Keep Content Fresh
The "Big Players" are where your clients and prospects are. This changes but today the "Big Players" are:
The "Big Players" are where your stakeholders are and changes every year. Today the "Big Players" are:
The "Big Players" are where your stakeholders are and changes every year. Today the "Big Players" are:
Facebook Like on Every Page
Twitter Follow on Every Page
Facebook and Twitter direct links to all content pages - allows stakeholders to share your content and take it viral
Imbed YouTube video to better tell your story and bring your web site to life
Use YouTube to share stories and sell!
Work with Google to Return your Main Home Page as the first search result for any page search
Reach out to your user community, show them the content on your site(s) and ask them to like your organization on Facebook and Follow the you on Twitter
Post links on Twitter and Facebook back to specific content on your web site to Drive more people to the site.
Create a YouTube Channel - ITS FREE!
Feature Content (Events, Product Demos, Presentations)
Be clever, create ads
Imbed exceptional content in your web site
Drive customers and prospects to video content using Facebook and Twitter
All Web Content Should be Up-to-date and Dynamic
Update Twitter/Facebook Every Day
Have Customer Service Track and Respond to Tweets about your organization
Engage customers in two way dialog
Quickly Fix Errors on Online Content
Drive stakeholders to social sites on every page
Direct links allow stakeholders to share specific online content with social media. Your content can go Viral!
Customize your Twitter and Facebook sites to match your Brand. In this way social media is an extension of your existing online community
Use YouTube and link specific video content to events, products or special offers.
More Information:
Ari Ioannides
Emerald Data Solutions, Inc.
©2013 Emerald Data Solutions, Inc.
While the young represent the largest group of users, the biggest gains in users are with key targets (30 - 64)
Dominating membership are Facebook and Twitter. Note 1 in 4 Americans watch a YouTube video EVERY DAY.
Excellent resource for recruiting and fostering professional relationships
Leveraging Social Media
to Engage Stakeholders Responsibly
Linda E. Cobbe
Ari Ioannides
Dr. Richard Clapp
Imbedded YouTube or Vimeo Content to allow stakeholders to view the meeting
144 videos published to YouTube Last 9 Months

Most popular videos:
"Changing the Culture of a School with Twitter,“ 4,062 views
"A Day with the J.W. Mitchell High School Band" 1,845 views
"Canvas Introduction" 1,485 views
"A Message from Superintendent Browning" 1,237 views
“A Day at Fox Hollow Elementary School” 1,196 views

272,430 total views
Established presence April 17, 2012
5,400 Likes (Followers)
Highest reach in 1 day 16,000 people
Highest engaged users in 1 day 3,016
14,500 views in the past month
734 subscribers
4,400 tweets
1.6 Million Photo Views

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