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Putting the bite on snacks

Healthy Snacks

Ryan Deokinandan

on 21 February 2012

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Transcript of Putting the bite on snacks

Putting The Bite On Snacks Why snacks can be beneficial Snacks are important and beneficial for everyone, especially young children. Young children have small stomachs. They may not be able to eat all they need during meal times. Snacking is a good way to ensure that children get the energy and the nutrients they need on a daily basis
Snacking is a good way to maintain your energy in between meal times
Snacking in an easy way to get all four food groups into your diet
It keeps you energized and provides many vitamins and nutrients that you need every day
Snacking also contributes to childrens growth and development
4 Snacking Styles The Four Styles These are four styles that describe
snacking styles. Maybe one or two
of these might describe your
snacking habits, or you might have
a completly unique snacking style! Constant Craver Constant cravers usually have
strong urges that don't go away
until they eat something. Constant cravers crave anything from
gooey, salty, creamy or sweet .
Constant cravers will do
anything to satisfy
their specific craving. Gym Bagger Gym baggers are always on the go.
Gym baggers always have an activity to do
whether it's after school or on a
Saturday morning. They are always looking
for something easy to carry on the go to snack on. They like to snack on things that are easy to digest and don't weigh you down.
Mindless Muncher Mindless munchers don't pay much
attention while snacking. They
snack whenever without thinking about
it whether it is in front of the TV or
on the phone. They snack without paying
attention to it. Mindless munchers tend
to like big portions but easy to eat snacks. Afternoon Attacker Afternoon attackers strike after a long
hard day at school or work. They'll eat
anything as long as its edible. All they need is food to munch on. Anything handy will do if there is no time to cook. The 3 Step Snacking Guide 1. Have a snack that has at least two
of the food groups incuded in the
Canada's Food Guide. 2. Have a tooth freindly snack
(or don't snack too often) 3. Mix it up
(Make sure you have
a variety of snacks
every day) Vegetables
and Fruit Meat and Alternatives Milk and Alternatives Make Each Food Guide Serving Count Here are a couple key messages from the four
food groups and how they relate to snacking.
This might help you your diet. balance Key message Choose vegetables and fruit prepared with little or no added fat ,sugar or salt. Eating vegetables and fruit is a choice for a healthy snack, especially with
little or no added fat, salt and sugar. Most of the times, fat, salt and sugar are added when you use dips or even the plain ingredients themselves. Grain Key message Make at least half your grain products whole grain There are many healthy whole grain snacks: cereal, bagels, rice, and pasta. Key message Select lower fat milk alternatives Milk alternatives like yogurt and different cheeses
are great snacks, but they can be very high in fat. Select lower fat milk alternatives. Key message Select lean meat and alternatives prepared with little or no added fat or salt Sometimes, meat can be good to snack on. Things like ham, nuts, sausage,
chicken wings and balony are good meat choices to snack on. Select lower fat meat and alternative snacks and you have a great snack thats probably healthier. Thank you for watching!!! Good snacks berries
an apple
fruit smoothies
baby carrots
celery sticks
For example, low salt chips, potato wedges
(baked) carots etc.
For example, granola bars, berries,
crackers, or dried cereal. For example, cheese slices, pomegranate, or grapes etc. For example, crackers, cheese, yogurt, ham slices, cereal etc.
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