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Volunteer Support Highlights

Ingredients for Success

Alan Brylawski

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Volunteer Support Highlights

0 from concept to company Conducting outreach events is very important in not only expressing how chemistry has such a big impact on our society, but also getting the public excited about it. In hosting outreach events at every national meeting as well as participating with science festivals throughout the country, we are building chemistry awareness with the general public. Alvin Cheryl Volunteer
Support Alan
Robin Aviva Max Full process of Annual Report activity is now in FORMS Laura FORMS Enhancements
and Member Support Training our Volunteers Involving our
Senior Members Communication ACS Industry Insights, a newsletter launched in July 2012, is distributed weekly to approximately 38,000 subscribers, of whom have a 25-30% open rate. In 2012, there were eight nominations, leading to three teams of awardees. This program honored those teams of 17 scientists for their achievements in improving the human condition; and was promoted through a press conference, a press release, C&EN, and multiple media outlets. Innovative Project Grants:
In-depth Reporting Alan Recognizing members who go above and beyond the call of duty.

51 poster presentations before the award ceremony. ChemLuminary Awards Farai Mikal Robin WIFI: Ask an ACS Chemist This program will encourage ACS member chemists and scientists to answer general chemistry and science related questions from students and the general public. The questions will come from the Publications Division staff as they receive several questions a month but up until this point, they had no ACS members to assist with answering the questions. All of the questions and answers will be posted in a forum in the Ask an ACS Chemist ACS Network group. Member Communities staff, in collaboration with the Publications Division, has launched a new outreach program called Ask an ACS Chemist. Evolution of Media: From CD to USB Working to place the entire ACS Meeting In the palm of your hands! Outreach Events Illustrated Poem Contests: Recognizing
Students The way we interact with, and provide information to our members has changed largely due to the change in technology As media has evolved so has ACS ACS 2012 Pharma Leaders Heroes of Chemistry Program ACS Industry Insights ACS has adapted to this change by shifting media formats from abstracts on CD to abstracts on USB At this meeting, more than 40 senior pharma and biotech executives
discussed new organizational frameworks, breakthroughs in cutting-edge
science to quickly identify disease targets, and novel ways to foster innovation. Carol DAC and LSAC reviews of the annual reports are now incorporated in FORMS Establishes access for Divisions and Local Sections eRosters and Election-only Lists Annual Membership Dues Collection Gathers dues information for upcoming year
Works with Division treasurers to clarify changes of dues and establish new subdivisions, when needed Completed contracts with vendors on projects such as:
Mole character illustrations
Celebrating Chemistry design, layout, and editing
Multimedia services for weekly ACS Webinars and special events Centralized Contract Process
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