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africa issues

issues in africa

sarah white

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of africa issues

Education for girls The number of girls unable to go to school is increasing. It is estimated that more than 26 millioln girls are out of school, and is predicted to be 36 million by the year 2012. When you educate a girl in africa, everything changes; she'll be 3 times less likely to get HIV/AIDS, she will earn 25% more income and have a smaller, healthier family. Even the number of schools are continuing to decrease through out the years. Research has shown that millions of girls do not have access to attend school. Not enough girls in Africa are completing, or starting a basic education. This problem is not as common with the boys of Africa. This issue causes major probems in Africa. This means millions of girls don't get the education needed for life and are more likely to die young. Also this issue has no big impact on the United states. This isn't a big issue in the world because it's just one country, but it should be a big deal. If African girls don't get an education, that's millions of girls unable to get jobs and have families Also these girls could contribute major things to the world if they had the ability to learn. In the future, if these girls don't get an education there is a better chance their children won't get a proper education either. This means the population of uneducated people in Africa will continue to rise. One thing being done to stop this are the funds Africa is investing to give girls an education, to try and reduce poverty. Even with this fund the number of girls not getting an education is increasing. One negative step is the fact that in Africa there are all boy schools, but no all girl schools, and Africa keeps things this way with no signs of improvement. One reason girls typically drop out of, or don't go to school is because they have no supplies for hygiene problems and are embarassed of what might happen. It is important for girls to get an edudcatioin beacuse #1 It will reduce a girl's fertility rate. #2 It will lower infant and child mortality rate. #3 It protects girls against HIV/AIDS infection. #4 it will increase womens labor force participation rates and earnings. #5 it creates better educational benefits for the future children. Children not in school: 100 million to 75 million, in Africa. 55% of those children are girls.
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