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No description

Jennifer Kenney

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Paragraphs

8 different types
Mosquitoes are dainty-looking little creatures, no bigger than a quarter of an inch with a head no larger than the head of a pin. But they are also amazing, daredevil, fighter-bomber kinds of flyers. Some species of mosquitoes can dodge raindrops and arrive at their next meal totally dry. They can hover, loop-the-loop, and fly upside down, sideways, and backward. That makes them hard to swat.

I spun the ball a few times in my hand, put my right foot forward against the line, and popped up a shot. It went in, and I was pretty proud of myself.
The following morning the Union army, armed with fresh reinforcements, attacked. After several hours of fighting and heavy losses, Beauregard and his troops retreated to Corinth. Johnston had been killed the first day of battle.
A polar orbit is an orbit that goes from north to south around Earth. It passes over areas called the North and South Poles. As Earth spins beneath the satellite, the satellite watches the planet's whole surface over time.
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