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No description

Andrew Boggs

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Outlaws

of the
West Who Were They? How was he Portrayed
To the East and Chicago? Jesse James Celebrities Depiction
by the Media Civil War Southern Hero Glorification Criminal Killer Legend
"Everyone of the onlookers knew the
name Jesse James. He was a figure
as publicized as the president...a man...
formed of rumors and stories" "Journalists, eager to entertain
Easterners with tales of the Wild
West, exaggerated and romanticized
the gang's hesits' Outlaw How Did He Get This Status? John Newman Edwards Pro-Confederate
Printed Jesse's Letters
Glorified the Story of James Following this many other papers began telling stories about the outlaw Jesse James Buffalo Bill's Wild West Chicago 1893
One of the most popular displays
Shooting Exhibitions, Stage Coach Robberies and Wagon Train Attacks
Brought the Western Froniter to the East Celebrity
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