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Temperate Woodland and Shrubland

No description

tatyana molina

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Temperate Woodland and Shrubland

Camping is a fun activity to do while in the Chaparral. You will be able to get fresh air and have a great time at the campground area. The cabins come in different sizes and prices:
For a couple it is $40
For a family of 5 it is $50
For a double family its $100. Animals and Plants Animals and the plants in the Mediterranean Sea Coast have been able to adapt to Wildfires that happen in there. The Locations Called "the only place on Earth suitable for civilized life." by Aristotle, the Temperate Woodland and Shrubland-also called the Chaparral-is the best place to visit. The Chaparral is actually found various places. Just look at the map below! The red is where its located. Which is California, Mediterranean Sea Coast, Australia, Madagascar, the Cape of South Africa and in South America. Temperature and Ideal Clothing The temperature in the Mediterranean Sea Coast is different depending on the season. So in the Summer it is usually 60*F - 85*F, which is almost a perfect day everyday. Not too hot, not too cold. in the Winter it is around 40*F - 65*F with 5 - 25 cm of rain. Best Time To Travel The Best time to travel to the Mediterranean Sea Coast is April to June which is Spring and Summer. It is the best time to travel there because the bushes are in flower and give of a wonderful aroma and the weather is just perfect. Plus with the activities to do it will be even better. Dangerous Elements There are many dangerous elements in the Chaparral. These elements are what you are going to want to watch out for while visiting the Mediterranean Sea Coast Chaparral. by Tatyana Molina Temperate Woodland and Shrubland The Black Stork is one of the animals that inhabit this region. They stand at about 1 meter tall with a wingspan of 1.8 meters weighing in at 3 kilograms. Fires are what control the Chaparral community. Many plants of course have adapted to this. However the fires can be helpful. Plants have even made stratgies to these fires. The first one is called Obligate Resprouters, who depend on resprouting from their underground root systems. The second one is Obligate Seeders, who depend on the seedlings. The last one is Facutative Seeders, who depend on resprout and germinate after the fires The Egyptian Mongoose is 7 in.- 2 ft. long on average and can live up to 20 years old. They can weigh from 12 oz.- 11 lbs. they have long bodies, short legs and tapered snouts. They are very brave to the point where they will attack a snake. However they are sadly a threatened species. Fun Activities Development in the Chaparral is another dangerous element. The Chaparral is very desirable place to live in the world because of it temperatures and perfect weather. Then to add to the development is the cork plantations being added because of the Cork trees that grows there. Rattlesnakes are an another dangerous element because they are poisonous snakes that inhabit the Chaparral. Rattlesnakes are mainly nocternal and can be active in the day if the weather is good enough for them but they are not active in the winter. Rattlesnakes look brown to a olive brown with blotches with a rattle at the end of their tale. When they are alarmed they will rattle their tale as a warning. If bitten, you are to go to the hospital immediately because they are extremely venomous. The ideal clothing in the Mediterranean Sea Coast would change depending on the season, so here are some ideas of what to wear depending on the season. In the Summer it is recommended that you wear: jeans, short sleeve shirts or tank tops, shorts and sneakers or hiking boots.
In the Winter: jeans, sweatshirt, long sleeve, sweater, gloves, light weight sweater, rain gear and sneakers or hiking boots.
In the Fall all of those above are good enough to wear and a light long sleeve. The Beech-Marten is one of the other animals that inhabit the Mediterranean Sea Coast. In length it can range from 16.5-19 inches and its tail length is 10 inches and weighing in at about 3.25-5.5 lbs. They are brown, can live up to 10 years and are omnivores. They sadly get eaten by Red Foxes, Birds of Prey and owls. The Cork Tree is one of the main plants that grow in the Mediterranean Sea Coast. It can grow up to 50 ft tall. Although they are slow growing and long lived, they have been harvested for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Romans. Hiking is one of the other fun activities to do here in the Chaparral because you get the outdoorsy feeling. Its free to go hiking just carry a map with you and always go with a partner because we wouldn't want you to get lost and not have a great time. The Toyon is another plant that grows here. It can grow 2-5 meters tall with leaves that are evergreen and are 5-10 cm long and 2-4 cm in width. Plus during the summer it produces these little white flowers on the stems. Poison Oak is another plant that grows here standing at 5-10 ft tall. The leaves can be either stiff and leathery, thin and supple, hairy or hairless, and shiny or dull. The leaves edges can be toothed, wavy or neither. This plant also flowers in May and June, which are little white bernes. We recommend that you stay way from this plant. So "if it has 3 leaves, let it be!" Biking is another fun activity to do here because no only are you getting an excerise but you are riding around the Chaparral and seeing everything that grows and lives here in their natural habitat. For as little as $15 every hour for a bike rental you can get a really fun experience. <- the Toyon Poison Oak -> Random Facts(x The roots to the plants that grow in Chaparral are designed to get as much water possible :o
Most of the plants have big, hard leaves to hold in the moisture
Its also called the "Marqui"
It contains 48,250 known plants species
Everything that grows and lives there is well adapted to fires. okay welp thats all(x hope you enjoyed it byyyeee(; Hope you come visit us soon!!
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