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Running Man

No description

Aisha Bin Hammad

on 18 October 2014

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Transcript of Running Man

Running Man
what is
Why did I choose it
as my topic ?!
Yoo Jae-Suk
His nicknames :-
Yoo-ruce Willis Yoo-mes Bond
Yoo Hyuk Grasshopper
who is he?
who is he?
who is he?
who is he?
who is she?
who is he?
who is he?
who is he?
Kim Jong-Kook
His nicknames :-
Sparta-kooks Kookie
Commander Tiger
Coach Kook
Haha (Ha Dong-Hoon)
His nicknames :-
Haroro Ha-rad Pitt
Penguin Kid

Kang gary
His nicknames :-
Peaceful Gary Gae-colas Cage
Song Ji-Hyo
Her nicknames :-
Miss Mong Mong Ji
Bad Ji-hyo Gold Ji-hyo
Song Jong-Ki
His nicknames :-
Flower boy Jong-Ki Brain Jong-Ki
Active Jong-Ki
Ji Suk-Jin
His nicknames :-
Big nose older brother Game starter
Impala Easy brother
Lee Kwang-Soo
His nicknames :-
Framer Kwang-Soo Giraffe
Icon of betrayal Kwangvatar
Easy brother
Done by:
Aisha Ahmed Bin Hammad
Relationships !
To watch Running Man
visit: www.Kengsub.com/running-man
Some of my favorite clips in Running Man...
strongest couple (SpartAce)
Straight-Going Gary Wild Gary
(TV series)
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