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No description

Juan Michael

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of CARL THE CIRCLE

Carl ran away from home because his parents got angry at him because his grades.So he went to the Parallegram World and met Paul.He came across a troll and the equation 42x4 =168. He didn't know that because he didn't pay attention in class but Paul knew the equation. So they went to the Rocky Mountains and met Brian he was a rectangle. He joined our society.We came across the King of Math he made all three of us solve a problem Carl's was 43x8=364.He got it right .So the King went on to the next person, which was Brian his was 56x2=102.Then it was Paul's turn he had 67x1=67.So they went on to the land of water they met a triangle named tigger and he had a freind that I didn't like.There was a prime minister named brick he was a math legend so he gave us questions such as 2/3 x2/3 = 4/6=2/3.Then gave us 3/4x1/4= 3/16.He also gave me an extra question.It was what are your sides Carl said I have none. So we went on and that was the end of CARL'S ADVENTURES.
Parallegram World
Parallelogram's World was very bad. There were criminals and plain mean people so Paul was a secret agent. So me and him made our own Society of Math they solve math problems as 36x2=72. The Troll Of Math was very nice and said congrats and so we went on.

This is Water World
In water world there are equation and we solved all of them .There we met Brian and he was a rectangle. So they ended his journey . He went home and said sorry to his parents forgave him.
circle song
Carl's Adventure
he is a 360
this is Carl
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