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6 different types of bridges

Sarah Rand

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Bridges

commonly referred to as "train" bridges
Beam Bridge
Why are there different types of bridges in the world?
Suspension Bridge
great for long distances
Cable-Stayed Bridge
deck supported by piers
Cantilever Bridge
What factors need to be considered prior to designing a bridge?
How does a bridge handle the weight of itself and all the traffic that crosses it?
Supported by 2 piers and can only support short distances
extrememly strong & sturdy
many different types of bridges incorporate a truss design
can only support a load for short distances

withstands a lot
of weight
shape limits distance
strong yet flexible
supported by suspended cables
rigid cables anchor bridge
great for long distances
A complex version of the truss bridge
diagonal bars create rigid diamond shape
strongest bridge style in the world, most expensive too
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