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ISU Presentation

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Courtney K-M

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of ISU Presentation

Keturah and Lord Death By: Martine Leawitt Characters: Story Plot. Quotation that proves. Why is this Significant. Complications. The Cause of Conflict. Other Major Characters: Character Traits For Keturah. In the Beginning.. The End... In the Middle... Plot: This story is about a girl named Keturah who went into the forest to follow a stag where she gets hopelessly lost in the woods. Lord death comes and she makes a deal with him so she can stay alive and rob death of her soul and the villagers souls. Her deal is if she finds her true love she can live, so
using a magic charm she tries to find her true love
and stop the plague by cleaning up their town. In the end after a whole bunch of drama,
she makes a realization about her life and
what is important in it. Then makes a
decision that makes her happy,and will forever change her life. John: The Lords Son.
Beatrice and Gretta: Keturah's best friends, and they
help her find her true love.
Goody and her Husband: They are the ones that
started the rumors.
Soor Lily: She made the charm for Keturah. The cause of the conflict is Keturah getting lost in
the forest. If she never got lost in the forest she wouldn't have met Lord Death, and she wouldn't
have had to make the deal that changed everything. "Well one thing certain-we go a-manhunting" (32)
This proves that the meeting with Lord Death changed
everything because the day right after she got back from the forest she is already changing her routine and trying
to find a husband... Which is one of the conflicts. The complications that arise from the conflict is, Keturah has to change her life and that everyone in the town thinks she is a bad person because she can see death, and she survived getting lost in the forest which no one has ever done. So people start changing the way they do things just because they feel different about Keturah. The book I read was... This picture explains the main
conflict because all the conflict started when Keturah met Lord Death. Protagonist: Keturah
Antagonist: Lord Death. Creative: ""Keturah tell us a story"... "Yes Keturah do."". This shows that she is creative because everyone wants her to tell a story, if everyone wants her to tell a story it probably means she is good at making them up and telling them.

Curious: "I meant only to peek into the tree's to see more of him.".
This shows that Keturah is curious because even though she knew it was bad to go into the forest alone she still did, and only because she was curious to see more of the Stag.

Brave: "Good Sir Death, forgive me if I do not rise." This proves that Keturah is brave because even though she knows this is the man that is going to take her life she doesn't show that she is scared by stammering or anything. She held her voice firm and didn't show fear which is very brave. The picture is significant because Keturah and her friends were talking about finding her a man, and being great friends to her even though she made a deal with death. And almost all the conflicts are because of bad conversation, or misunderstood conversations. "She is why we stopped working on the road" (108).
This quote proves the complications that came up because they were fine with working on the road until they found out that Keturah could see Lord Death.

I chose this picture because it matches the complications perfectly. The small actions Keturah made mixed with the people in her village and caused complications (Changes) to the way the people lived or her life. Quotation that Proves. The author leaves the conflict where everything is solved,
the people are no longer scared of her, and everyone lives their life normally. Except for Keturah because she makes a decision that will make sure no conflict in that town ever involves her personally again, she chooses her true love. Leaving the Conflict. Quote that proves. "You won Best Cook!... Don't stay in the
forest too long... I love you [Lord Death]". This quote represents the end of all the conflict because she won the best cook which she wouldn't have won if everyone was still scared of her. Also her friends care for her and don't want her to get lost in the forest again or get taken by Lord Death. Last but not least Keturah finally admits to Lord Death that she loves him, which puts an end to all conflict with her and the village. I chose this picture because this man is proposing just like
Lord Death proposed to Keturah after she admitted her love for him. I recommend this book to people in our age group that likes romance novels. This book involves a large variety of different characters, but you get to join Keturah in her thoughts and see what she thinks because the point of view in the book is in is hers. The conflicts in the book all end up happening one after the other so some parts can be confusing, and then some parts its just annoying because she just solved a conflict and now she has to go through another one. Overall I thought this was a pretty good book. Recommendation! Thank you!!
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