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Copy of Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby is a famous hockey player and plays with the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL and played in the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games for team Canada.

Marco Wälti

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby Information about the past Obstacles Acheivements Sidney Patrick Crosby
was born on August 7th 1987
Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia
to his parents Tro and Trina Crosby.
Sidney started hockey at a very young age.
Troy Crosby gave him a little hockey
stick when he was two years old.
Sidney put pn his first par of skates whene he was three
and started playing hockey with the Cole Hatbour Timibits
Association This is Crosby in the Timbits league In the 2007-2008 stanley cup
the pittsburgh penguins faced the detriot red
wings at the mellon arena. The penguins unfortunatley lost, and the wings
managed to pull off a 3-2 win. This was Sidney Crosby's first ever stanley cup game and for him and his team mates to lose it would have been very devestating and upsetting. Although crosby didn't win his first nhl stanley cup game i'm sure that he would try to get to the stanley cup game again and next time win it all. This is the Detriot Red Wings and the Stanley Cup Sidney Crosby has made many acheivements
in his life. After all of Crosby's hard work and and
dedication to the game that he got chosen first in the overall
NHL draft for the 2005 Pittsburgh Penguins. In the 2005 season
Crosby was chosen to be a alternate captain for the Penguins at
only 18 years old. Sidney soon became the first youngest NHL
player to ever score 100 points in 1 season(2006). October 8th
2006 he scored his frist hat trick in a 8-2 victory to the Philadelpiha Flyers.

Finally in 2009 Crosby and the Pens made it back to the Stanley Cup as they
faced once again the Detroit Red Wings hoping to pull off an win at the Joe
Louis Arena. THE PENGUINS WON!! Crosby had got his first ever Stanley Cup
of his hockey career. Just a year later there was the 2010 Vancouver Olympics,
and Crosby played with the Canadian Men's Hockey team. The team played against
the USA and they played the game all the way to over time and then Crosby scored
the overtime goal and then it was the Canadians won the Olympic Gold Medal. This is a video of Sidney Crosby
with the Stanley Cup Sidney Crosby's parents Trina
and Troy and his sister Taylor. Pictures of "Sid the Kid" Sidney Crosby used to shoot puck at his mom's dryer machine when he was improving his shot. Sidney Crosby and his friends from the Penguins also love to play PSP in the plane on their way to their opponents town. At the age of 14 Sidney Croby was playing Midget "AAA" hockey. Most of the people on his team would already be driving, crosby did not. Everyone on his team was at least 3 years older than him, and he would still dominate the league by far. Sidney Crosby's dad played major junior hockey in Verdun, and was once drafted by the Montreal Canadians. Troy Crosby said that"he never really taught Sidney that much about the sport, and didn't know where he got his talent from". At his age he was being called one of the best prospects in the Martime history. Interesting Facts!
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