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Best of Korea Tour!

Geography 2144G.

Mariam Hajjar

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Best of Korea Tour!

South Korea
we wake up early morning and have our breakfast.
then, we will travel by bus to gyeongju from seoul for almost
4 hours.
we will visit
bulgusksa temple
which is the representative relic of gyeonju and was designated as a World Cultural Asset by UNESCO in 1995.
we wills stop by the
souvenir shop
for memories.
we will have authentic gyeongju
then, go to gyeonju
national museum
recognized by unesco in 200o.
enjoy the
tumuli park.
and finally we will end the day with the famous
cheomseongdae observatory.
for the night.
we will decide to visit the
gingseng outlet
because we will know it is good for our health and it is a natural medicine to cure sickness.
we will have different food treat in the street of busan for
we will walk
gwangbokdong street, un park
haedong yonggungsa

and then the scenic view of spectacular
dongbaek island
haeundae beach.
My Dream Vacation: Discovering Asia's Best of
to learn the lively and active south Korean sophisticated history, culture, language and art.
with my father
summer of 2014 in august
Seoul, Gyeongju, Busan & Jeju
i AM A FAN OF KOREAN DRAMAS, variety show AND KOREAN POP MUSIC, I WAS FASCINATED BY THEIR FASHION, LANGUAGE AND NATURAL LANDSCAPE. ONLY THROUGH WATCHING popular and suggested dramas, I can enjoy thoroughly from the Korean standpoint sense of humor, art and the sight of authentic Korean food.
Let's eat
Dream high 2
my motivation
tour conditions includes:
-(3) hotel accommodations
-Transportation inclusive toll and parking fee
-English speaking guide
-All sightseeing and entrance fee
-Breakfast at hotel
-Visit a shopping center
Package Tour Cost:
-"best of Korea" offered by etour korea
CAD $1,150 per PERSON
7 days trip, private tour transportations included
flight details:
departing flight information:

sATURDAY, august 02, 2014

flight duration:


vacation expenses
air transportation charges per adult:
taxes, fees & charges per adult:
flight cost PER ADULT:

INSURANCE per adult:
tour package cost per adult:
other total expenses including food:
TOTAL vacation COST per adult: cAD

Flight Cost Total Vacation cost per adult:
Total cost with dad will be
I have been preparing for this dream vacation that is far and wide from home, and saving money since 2013, when I knew that i wanted to have the best ultimate experience that south Korea will be offering. this trip will be an opportunity for me to travel with my dad before my 4th year of my undergrad degree. since after i graduate, i will be pretty much busy with work, volunteer and social life.

Robert Q Airbus:
departing london at
8:00 AM
arrive pearson international at

10:15 am
waiting time before flight:

8 hours
ALthough a long journey...
by having a non-direct flight to south korea, it will allow me to explore the different airports while waiting for my flight connections. ALSO, FOR THE WHOLE TRIP, I WILL HAVE PREPARED TO BRING SUNSCREEN, SUNGLASSES, HATS AND SUMMER CLOTHES SINCE IT WILL BE A HOT AND LONG WEEK.
Sunday, August 3, 2014
Incheon to seoul
i will arrive at the incheon international airport at

i will be transferred to
seoul station
via airport railroad express non-stop express as part of the transportation package. appr0ximately
43 minutes.
i will be meeting with an english speaking tour guide in a private car to a hotel after getting to seoul station.
airport railroad information film
This short film demonstrates how railroad is so much more than just a trai travelling.
my father adel
me, mariam
this meaningful trip will be a life changing experience as father-daughther bond will strengthen together while exploring in a foreign country we dreamed for so long. since i am the eldest daughter of my family, it is important to have a strong communication with my father while understanding one another. also, this trip will be a life lesson to teach us how to appreciate life more.
Monday, August 4, 2014
we would be extremely tired from the whole journey to be finally be in seoul, we would probably sleep right after we had the hotel tour.
Jongmyo Royal Shirine
Jongmyo Shrine was built by Lee Seong Gye (1335-1408), the first king and founding father of the Joseon Dynasty. It was a primary place of worship for kings throughout the Joseon Dynasty and has been registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site for its well-preserved ancient customs such as memorial services and traditional music.
Insa-dong Street is one of the most memorable attractions in Seoul and represents the focal point of Korean traditional culture and crafts. Stores in Insa-dong specialize in a wide variety of goods that can only be purchased or appreciated in Korea: hanbok (traditional clothing), hanji (traditional paper), traditional teas, pottery, and folk crafts.
we will buy something from insadong to remember this trip, since a lot of antique will impress us and how beautiful it will be to bring back home in canada.
Hongdae Area
Hongdae-ap (the area in front of Hongik University) is a neighborhood known for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground cultures, and freedom of self-expression. Unique cafes, cozy galleries, accessory stores, fashion shops, live cafés and clubs, art markets, and gourmet eateries make this a popular hang-out for locals in their 20s and 30s and a fascinating place to walk around.
Amethyst symbolizes peace, sincerity and health, and the amethyst produced in Korea is recognized as among the highest quality in the world.
Amethyst Factory is where we can see a wide selection of jewelry. It also showcases this extravagant violet stone from the stalactites in the mountains of Korea. As for amethyst, the purple-coloured gemstone that Korea is famous for, visit the Amethyst Factory which is on every Korean tour itinerary.
we will be visiting several unesco world heritage places that represent korea as valuable and important not only for tourists but also for the citizens living there.
we will go in a bus to go to the monuments of
jongmyo royal shirine.
this tour will take about
1 hour
then we will explore
insadong antique
shop alley which takes

10 minutes
of walk.
we would have visited the
changdEOKgoong palace
as promised in the itinerary, but since it will be monday, it will be closed. so, we will hope to visit
hongdae area
as replacement of the itinerary. it takes about
23 minutes
to get there from Insadong by taking the underground train.
later that day, we will visit the

which takes at least
25 minutes
located in
then, if we still have time, we would end the night with the sight of
han river at hangang park.
it takes about
26 minutes
by taking underground train.
I always wanted to visit the han river because it is often displayed on korean dramas and variety shows. i will show my dad how beautiful is the sight at night with colourful and bright lights. we will calmly listen to the sound waves that will take our breath away. if we will still have the opportunity, we will hopefully see the cruise ferry crossing the han river.
Hangang Park is a representative people’s park located by Hangang River. It was created through the “Hangang River Comprehensive Development Project” in the 1980s, covering a huge area that is dedicated to the citizens, providing areas for sports and relaxation. You can see many people strolling or jogging along the trail paths, in-line skaters, bicyclers, and soccer fields or basketball courts.
Han River
Bulguksa Temple
the Temple was built in 528 during the Silla Kingdom, in the 15th year of King Beop-Heung's reign (514-540).
The beauty of the temple itself and the artistic touch of the stone relics are known throughout the world.
Bulguksa was designed as a realization of the blissful land of the Buddha in the present world. It was intended to embody the happy land where the mortal being is released from the suffering of life by following the teachings of the Buddha, which offered the theoretical foundation for construction of the temple.
the temple underwent numerous renovations due to many war taken place and suffered serious damages and was often the place for robbers.
The Dabotap (Many Treasure Pagoda) and Seokgatap (Sakyamuni Pagoda) are two of the most valued pagodas in Korea. Designated as Korean National Treasures in 1962, Dabotap (10.4 meters tall) and Seokgatap (8.2 meters tall), stand on the east and west sides of the yard separating Daeungjeon (the hall housing the Sakyamuni Buddha) and Jahamun (Mauve Mist Gate).
gyeongju national museum
tumuli park
the tumuli park is a type of touristic monument. based on Large ancient tombs of kings and noblemen of the Silla Kingdom can be seen around Gyeongju at the
Daereungwon Tomb Complex
(Cheonmachong Tomb). There are twenty-three large tombs located here; the most famous being Cheonmachong and Hwangnamdaechong.
cheomseongdae observatory
we will probably explore the oldest existing astronomical observatory in Asia at night which it will be exciting to hopefully be able to see the stars with the observatory.
this video explains briefly of the history of the observatory and what we will be expecting the moment we get there.
then, we will explore at a souvenir shop to get special things that has significance.
In Gyeongju, we will find many streets dedicated to local specialties food such as
(soft bread with a filling of red bean paste),
(rice wrapped in various types of vegetable leaves),
(a noodle dish made of handmade, knife-cut wheat-flour noodles),
(a spicy soft tofu stew), and
(a soup believed to relieve hangovers). me and dad will share the food.
we will have the urge to try this famous bread of gyeongju and hopefully to share this special moment with my dad talking about the exquisite korean taste we never ever thought of trying them.
this handmade soup noodle was a delicacy during the joseon dynasty offered during summer. a perfect time to try this authentic gyeongju plate whose taste will be unique to my experience.
Tuesday, August 5, 2014
it was founded in 1945, immediately following the end of the Japanese occupation, as the Gyeongju branch of the National Museum of Korea. Encircled by cultural treasures, the museum acts as both the storehouse and the centerpiece for these perpetual and precious historical landmarks. Thus, the museum’s existence must be attributed to the people of the past, particularly the citizens of Silla, who realized their thoughts and ideals in art works and crafted this astounding capital of culture. the museum holds 100 highlights of gold, silver, antiques, statues and much more than we will have aniticipated in the museum.
since my dad and i like to walk around nature, this park will bring more to us than just nature, but also understand the preserverance that was enmarked by the deep history in the well preserved green land.
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
busan tower
gwananri bridge
dalmajii road
gwangbokdong street
fish cake
shaved ice
busan treats
not your normal american shaved ice, busan is known by their flavours. this ice shave treat will help us keep away from summer heat and enjoy the choice of flavour with many extras to be added.
is filled with sunflower and pumpkin seeds. The seeds are stuffed after the dough is cooked in the hot oil so it has more flavour and tastes less greasy.
dongbaek island
haeundae beach
busan-jeju province
Thursday, August 7, 2014
we will enjoy morning breakfast at busan hotel
we will get ready to fly from Gimhae International Airport to
jeju international airport
which takes


our first stop will be
dragon head rock
or so to get there
we will learn about the
mysterious road
by taking the bus for

1 hour
or so.
or more on the road to anticipate the
green tea museum
since i love drinking green tea, i will be interested in learning the important historical facts and why it is important for health and then we will have delicious
later that day, we wll visit The architectural style of
Yakcheonsa Temple
which is reminiscent of that of Buddhist temples of the early Joseon Dynasty.
i will be so excited to visit the
teddy bear museum
which takes less than

i was only able to see the inside museum through dramas. there will a gallery that is grouped into three sections which will take
to explore: the History Hall, the Art Hall and the Project Exhibition Hall.
we will then go to a natural monument that takes
27 minutes
by bus and then walk into the refreshing
jusangjeoli cliff
tHAT IS LOCATED AT the southwest OF from Depo-dong AT JEJU, at the end of the pine tree forest.
finally ending the day at the masterful and artistic
glass museum.
it will be an amazing experience to see art based on glass.
flight details:
departing flight information:

sATURDAY, august 09, 2014

flight duration:


Robert Q Airbus:
departing pearson international at

7:30 pm
arrive london at
8:15 pm
waiting time before bus:

2.5 hours
i will appreciate time and patience in the long run, especially long trips in a foreign country.
i will try to spend every second of my life doing little things that will bring more happiness.
i will be grateful to my father for visiting asia in which little knowledge he had, but at the same time, my father would be thankful for showing him a new world and that i could manage to prepare the time and effort for our first trip together for a week.
i will be more open when it comes to food, trying many different flavours.
i will be more adventurous.
i will be healthier since i will have to walk a lot during the trip.
i choose south korea because i will know there are many unique charms in different places that will offer a world recognition.
south korea ranked in the third place in 2013 according to lonely planet website. in any major touristic websites, south korea might not be the into the top best lists in the world, but i will know for sure that south korea has the best destinations in the world and in the future it will be a popular country to visit!!!
Jeju Island has a mild oceanic climate throughout the year with the smallest annual temperature range in Republic of Korea.
since it will during summer it will be hotter, no more than 35.8 ℃. we will sure die from heat and be thirsty, but we will be refresed by the amazing breathtaking view and the unique charm that jeju will offer.
interestingly, i will know that is the largest island in Republic of Korea that came into existence 700 to 1,200 thousand years ago when lava spewed from a sub-sea volcano and surfaced above the waters.
since it is one of the hottest destination in south korea, Relatively isolated from the rest of the world, the island’s nature has been well preserved in its prehistoric state.
beautiful jeju island province
Yongduam Rock
it was created by strong winds and waves over thousands of years. there are stories behind; one believed to say that a dragon stealing precious jade from Mt. Halla was shot down by an arrow from the mountain deity. When he fell down on Yongduam, his body immediately sank into the ocean and his head rapidly froze looking at the sky. Another legend has it that a white horse, who dreamed of being a dragon and ascending to the sky, came to be caught by a soldier and froze into the rock.
also known as Dokkaebi Road, lies on a hill at the foot of a mountain, and connects two major highways on Jejudo Island. It has earned its name, as objects and liquid appear to roll and flow up the hill instead of down, when, in fact, such image of gravity defiance is an optical illusion rendered by the seemingly high surroundings.
the museum was first opened in September 2001 and became known in korea.
we will learn about the traditional korean tea culture. The “o” in “o’sulloc”, means to appreciate and enjoy, and it also stands for the origin of sulloc, only sulloc, and of sulloc tea.
what will be interesting is that the entire building is shaped in a green tea cup.
we will be able to experience the many unique green flavours, from tea to treats.
Jeju Lunch
we might choose seafood food that is famous at jeju island. i will probably have mackerel, since i like fish.
Yakcheonsa Temple
WE WILL BE PREPARED TO KNOW THAT THE TEMPLE MeasurES an impressive 30m high and spanning a total area of 3,305 meters squared, WHICH it is the largest temple in the East. THERE WILL BE STATUES, AND DIFFERENT STRUCTURAL SECTIONS TO WALK UPON.

Jusangjeoli Cliff
words cannot be described than pictures itself of how i will feel when i get there!
Jeju Glass Museum (originally the Gimpo Glass Museum and SongHee Glass House), has been making a significant contribution to the advancement of Korean glass art over the past several years through constant research and innovation. The museum opened on March 1, 2008 and has state-of-the-art facilities including a glass art exhibition hall, studio with a kiln, glass-blowing room and glass processing room.
if we still have time, we will make our own art glass that the exhibition will offer!!
Jeju Glass Museum at Night
jeju tour
our last breakfast day at hotel in jeju island
we will visit
dongmun traditional market
which was formed in the aftermath in the liberation of 1945. it is a popular market at jeju that serves customers diverse items including grocery shopping at a very inexpensive price.
then we will bus for less than
3 hours
to the
micheon cave
(illchul land) which will be Filled with underground mystery, Micheon Cave has academic, tourism, and cultural value.
then drive for
back to visit the
seongeoup folk village.
later, after busing for another
2 hours
15 minutes
we will get to see the wonderful and famous
Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak
(sunrise peak) part of unesco world heritage and one of the premiere tourist attractions on jeju.
lunch and then we will finally be amazed to watch
korean women divers perfomance (haenyo),
which is basically the mermaids of jeju.
back to hotel for the night and prepare luggage for the next last day.
"The Mermaids of Jeju"
Friday, August 8, 2014
Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market
it is important for me and my dad to see a different world of market that korea offers. this traditional korean market is important for the citizens living there because you can find fresh seafood and agricultural items at a cheap price.
we will also learn jeju most representative and most popular ingredients that is valuable for the citizens.
Micheon Cave (Ilchul Land)
Fresh air, crystal clear water, green fields, and a secondary volcanic cone (oreum) is near the cave. This underground cave is natural awe-inspiring spot that provides an opportunity for contemplating human nature and the future.
last breakfast at hotel in jeju.
sadly to know it will be our last day in south korea.
we will cherish our memories every second of our lives in our heart. this 7 days of itinerary will be more than just visiting places, it will also be a once in a lifetime experiencing for trying so many different things that will be out of our comfort zone.
we will fly back to seoul.
then take the arex underground train back to incheon international airport.
Saturday, August 9, 2014
the majority of information are retrieved from the major website:

all the pictures are retrieved from


from: http://www.youtube.com













Geography 2144G
Western Univesity
# 250616554
mARCH 18, 2014
Back to Canada
i will not be able to wait to share my experience with close friends and relatives with personal pictures and videos!!!!
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