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Social Media

No description

Mathilde Bruyère

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Social Media

Social Media
My Artisan

Concept - Who? When? What ? Why? Where? How ?
SWOT analysis
The owner

Problematic & Recommendations

Problems identification
Solutions & Recommendation

My Artisan
Purpose and example
How to contact and attract Paris, and major cities building's craftsmen and how to make them adhere to the concept of My Artisan ?
Social Media
Differents solutions...
Social Media
Virtual Mouth-to-ear
Other Marketing tools
SWOT Analysis
The Owner
MArketing Direct
What we didn't choose...

Viral Marketing (blog, forum)



Commercial brochure, Flyer
Direct Marketing
Post letter
Direct Marketing
Viral Marketing
Youtube Video
Social Media : The end !
Questions ?
What ?
Why ?
How ?
Where & When ?
Who ?
Social network which gathers a community of artisans
The artisans' customer have to mark the artisans' work
People who are looking for artisan can judge the artisans' work and see the comments of their customers
The link with Facebook could help the artisans to be known by more people

Principally, the artisans in big city and with few years of experiences
All the artisans
can register on this
social network
Mr. Denaiffe
Owner of the enterprise Balcons et Terrasses de France
Major problem is the communication
Wood terraces
Paris area, its suburb, and major cities of France
At the end of the work, the artisan give his profile on MyArtisan to the customer to let pictures and comments
All the people can see it on Facebook
Only in Internet, and principally linked to Facebook
All the France is targeting
The launch is planned in a few months
Become an essential tool for professionals
Develop there communication strategy
Develop there attractiveness
1. Little Parisian using:
social networks
high turnover
1-4 y of experience
B2C customers
2. Extension of the target:
suburban localization
bigger than the target heart
high turnover
using social networks
3. the 3rd target:
little or medium company
from the countryside
high experience
without communication plan
1 B users (26% of 25-34y - 15% of 35-44)
highest communicational power
500 millions users
younger population: 74% of 15-25
high power of re-twitted messages
1st professional network
260 millions users
old and active population
Viadeo and Iquesta are two professional networks as Linkedin but located in France and Europe:
Viadeo has 55 millions users
Low price
Help to be known
Generate interest
and traffic
The mail can be
Create a link with the artisans
Can help to retain the artisans
How to make it viral
Trustful tone
Create a link between the company and customers
Difficulties to develop his notoriety
Hard to have a mouth to ear as well on the real as on the virtual scale
Obsolete ways to communicate
Not adaptated to our targets
Not efficient
*Lambda artisan taking a picture from his smartphone from the site he just made
*Owners agreeing to publish the content (pictures + comments) on their social networks and "my artisan"
*Friend of the owners see on Facebook work done, gets in touch with artisan
*Artisan does the work, client satisfied, puts on his facebook and twitter account (Virtual mouth to ear working)
*End of the video, appears "My artisan", with links to suscribe to our project

Some details about the video (script)
Purpose of the video
How To make it Viral, Trustful tone
Most efficient way to make our project attractive to artisans, pretty simple, no text to read, clear information and link to register and more information
Posting our video on most of the specialized websites

Using a trustful tone for our targets

Letting the magic of the virtual mouth to ear happen

Create links to share our
video on social medias
Full transcript