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Refugee Welcome Zones

No description

Asher Hirsch

on 11 February 2018

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Transcript of Refugee Welcome Zones

What does it mean in practice?
Wide range of responses;
RCOA support;
Refugee Week;
Currently no minimum commitment.
Where next?
Establishment of Council Committee
Scaling up of model in line with outcomes of 2016 national consultation- resource dependent.
Overall aim to build on fantastic work happening at community level to help new arrivals to integrate.
2016: National Consultation & Rebrand
RCOA contacted all 143 LGAs that were members at the time;
Key findings were positive;
LGAs want more from the project;
What is a Refugee Welcome Zone?
LGAs committed to welcoming refugee communities;
Born in 2002 as part of Refugee Week;
Community-driven sign ups (with RCOA support);
Over 140 RWZs in Australia today.
RWZs in action
Refugee Welcome Zones
2017: National Forum
Councils came together from across Australia
Shared best practice
Initiative to set up Council Committee
visas for Australia's Humanitarian Program
refugees and humanitarian entrants
call Fairfield City their home
than any other city in Australia
Fairfield LGA is
to the
largest Iraqi community and second largest Syrian
community nationally (Census ID:2015)
refugee and humanitarian entrants arrived to Fairfield LGA - 1 Jan 2016 - 31 Jul 2017 (DSS, SRF: Nov, 2017)
Fairfield City Settlement Action Plan
Improve settlement outcomes for refugee, humanitarian and migrant entrants living in and around
Fairfield City.
Identify service gaps for refugee,
humanitarian and migrant entrants
living in and around Fairfield City.
Enhance existing service provision through greater collaboration and partnership development amongst service providers.
Increase recognition of
Fairfield City as the leading
settlement city in NSW.
Increase the capacity and sphere of influence of local stakeholders to shape government settlement policy and programs.
Fairfield City Settlement Symposium
92 attendees
representing 43 organisations
Why Council?
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