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Hurricane Wilma

No description

Jenny Z

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Hurricane Wilma

Hurricane Wilma
Where did Hurricane Wilma occur and develop?
Hurricane Wilma developed in the Caribbean Sea. October 21st, 2015 was Hurricane Wilma's first land fall which was in Cozumel. October 24th was when it hit the Gulf of Mexico and the coast of Florida.
How do Hurricanes form and what happens to them afterwards?
First, you must know that hurricanes form over water at 27°C or even hotter. Next, there must be winds coming together so it could be forced upwards. Then, the winds should flow over the storm to let the winds underneath to rise. Then, the humid air makes clouds. Lastly, the winds on the outside of the hurricane steers it, and lets it grow. It takes time for the hurricane to slowly die down.
When did this happen?
Hurricane Wilma went on for a total of 11 days. From October 15th 2005, when it formed, until October 26th 2005 when it has finally vanished.
What areas were affected?
Hurricane Wilma affected Hispania, Jamica, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Nicaragua, Honduras, Balize, Cozmuel, Yucatan Peninsula, Florida, Bahamas, the East Coast of the United States (mainly in South Florida), Atlantic Canada, and Europe.
How many people were injured? How many died?
How did the area and the people recover from Hurricane Wilma? How long did it take?
In total, 62 people were killed by Hurricane Wilma. 39 people were killed directly from it and the other 23 people that were killed were killed indirectly. At least 540 people were injured.
Arnold, Nick (1997) Volcano, Earthquake, and Hurricane


"Millions Begin Recovery in Wilma's Aftermath" October 25th 2005

Woods, Gaby "Cancun gets back on its feet after Wilma" June 25 2006









It takes about 5 years to recover all the plants. In about 24 hours after Wilma dissipated, a few people in Miami regained electricity. “It will be days or weeks before we are back to normal,” Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez said. People recovered slowly but managed to recover. "The Department of State actively sought to ensure that U.S. citizens in the region were safe, had access to basic services, and were able to return to the United States as quickly as possible."1.
Here are some photos of the damage that Hurricane Wilma caused.
These are pictures of the route of Hurricane Wilma.
Start of Hurricane
End of Hurricane Wilma
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