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Tips and Tricks to Become an Internal Branding Ninja

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JayRay Ads & PR

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of Tips and Tricks to Become an Internal Branding Ninja

So they can
LIVE IT Internal Branding ninja Tip #1 Involve your employees They connect the dots Between you and your key stakeholders So, be sure they know the
of your brand TRICKS: Send a note from your CEO
announcing your brand and new campaigns Launch with internal events
(Make it thematic and celebratory) Talk with employees, not at them Tip #2 Inspire your employees When your people are
invested in your brand Your brand becomes
even more effective Inspiration leads to engagement And engagement leads to BUY IN Tricks: Feature employees (not models)
in your marketing materials Invite participation with a brand
trivia contest or a scavenger hunt Conduct an idea search for your next campaign Tip #3 Empower your employees They are the keepers of your brand Make sure they understand
your brand image Tricks: Use your intranet and/or
Facebook page to share info Host brown bag lunches Create brochures and note cards
with guiding brand principles Last words of Advice: Include everyone From the front line to the corner office All employees are integral pieces of your brand Be sure all of your employees know
the ins and outs of your brand But when you are working
through a branding process You play multiple roles And have lots of tools to help you,
like a ninja! WhateVER YOU DO,
Don't forget about
your employees They live the brand every day Here are a few tips and tricks
to help you become an... It's not every day you can
call yourself a ninja Educate them
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