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Philip II of Spain

No description

Brynn Hansen

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Philip II of Spain

Philip II of Spain
By: Brynn, Caitlyn, Alex and Noah
How did the Monarch
come to Power?
His father, Charles V, gave Philip the throne in c. 1554.
How did Philip II of Spain's Monarchy qualify as "Absolute"?
Did the Monarch allow the people of the Kingdom to voice their opinion?
How did the Monarch handle Nobility?
How did the Monarch handle the economy?
How did the Monarch impact people's social/religious/personal lives?
Comments from the People
Philip further centralized royal power, making every part of the government responsible to him.
The people thought he was god-like.
He ruled with an iron fist and really believed he had no limits. Many Protestants were murdered during his reign.
The people had very little, to no voice at all. If the people disobeyed him, they were punished.
The nobles were well-controlled by Philip.
They took no part in direct administration except as viceroys, admirals, etc.
The nobles had very little political power. The families that received such titles had great prestige in Spain, but no real power.
Some ways King Philip II impacted the peoples social and religious lives were by strengthening the Catholic church and ignoring the rising Protestant tide in Europe.
People opposed high taxes and Spanish rule, which threatened self government traditions. King Philip didn't believe in Protestants, so he publicly burned 18,000 of them and tried to crush their beliefs.

Background Information:
Full Name: Philip the II of Spain
Religion: Roman Catholic
Over the course of his life he had 4 wives and 9 children.
Birthday: May 27th
Parents: Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and Isabella of Portugal
Spain's wealth relied on trade with the Americas.
Philip II inherited a disastrous economy from his father.
Silver from the Americas made merchants rich, but it caused inflation.
Enormous amounts of money and effort were put toward construction.


"Thank you for strengthening the Catholic church! We really appreciate it!"

Thanks for Watching!
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