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Canyon Ranch

No description

sam haffar

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch Analysis of the business case Brand extension
Coping with increasingly competitive market environment
Integrating the information technology
Personalization of service
High employee turnover Business Case/ analysis of the future growth opportunities Skin care product line
Grow health and wellness segment
Loyalty program
Increase male oriented programs/services
Grow cruise ship presence
Increase presence at the major hotels/ become spa operator for the hotel Business Case/ CRM Create learning relationship with the customer
Increase Cross selling Use CRM to identify best referrers Identify most valuable customers
Identify customer needs
Improve customer interaction
Pilot; Pros & Cons Limited expense for
Training Faster customer retention Expose new opportunities Shorter Ramp up time Generalizability questionable Lost revenue due to the implementation delay Expense to ensure as much as 75% implemented The CRM Strategy Audit current customer list and create a unified database with unique ID for all customers Develop Customer Acquisition Program Decile Analysis Learn what customers want
- Questionnaires Rewards program/ preferred customer program Getting permission to email new customers
Use of Social media such as Facebook & Twitter
Go to Spa conferences Thank you Questions? David Castellanos, Megan Wheeler, Orest Lang, Sam Haffar Staffing Resources Staffing needs Training programs Lower overall cost Jan 2013 Timeline Audit existing customer/create customer ID
Integrate all systems -> Create a (CIF)
Launch pilot program
Create product line
Expand to other hotels and cruise lines
June 2011 - Dec 2011 Jan 2012 - Apr 2012 May 2012 - July 2012 Revision and adjustmetns Aug 2012 - Dec 2012 Soft Launch Jan 2013
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