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A Night to Remember.

No description

Marleh Lehmann

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of A Night to Remember.

Point of View
The story was told in third person objective. It talked about many different characters throughout the book.
Titanic Video
Exposition: The Titanic went by and hit an ice berg.
Rising Action: There was a loud noise after they hit the ice berg.
Climax: The ship started to sink.
Falling action: When the ship sank, they were looking for survivors.
Resolution: They saved 705 people.
Main Characters
In A Night To Remember, there are many different characters and it can get confusing at times. If there had to be a main character, it would be William Murdoch. He was the first officer of the titanic and he was 39 years old.
There was one main conflict in A Night to Remember. It was when the Titanic hit an ice-berg.

Man vs. Nature
Theme: The author was trying to show that the theme was sad.

Example : When the ship was sinking, everybody that knew they were gonna die was scared and everybody tried to get on the boats.
A Night to Remember.
Third Person
By Walter Lord
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