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Republic of South Africa-The Problem of Public Security

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수현 정

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Republic of South Africa-The Problem of Public Security

What we want to change
Our proposal
Three Prospect of Public Security.

In Republic of South Africa, illegal migrant workers from crossing the border create lots of security problems and they cause an increase in the unemployment rates.
So native Africans hate illegal migrants workers and they become major targets of violent crimes. For these reasons, we propose that the UN manage neighboring country's illegal migrants workers .
First Prospect
10218 이원희, 10224 정수현, 10229 한승아 Team: GBH
Reasons and background
Republic of South Africa
The Problem of Public Security

※Also High unemployment rates are the reason of a high incidence of crimes. High unemployment rates unsettle the nations. Thus, we propose that the UN give assistance to Republic of South Africa recover economy and increase jobs.
※Lastly, we propose Republic of south Africa’s police officers have to be trained harder. Some police officers in Republic of south Africa have illegal sales of guns.
They are not helpful for public security.
So most Africans hire private security company.
※With the help of UN, African Union, Police officers and CCTV, South Africa will be a
Night of Safe Cape Town

Republic of South Africa??
country which has the highest crime rate in the world
Second Prospect
Third Prospect
※If the public security problems are solved completely, many tourists would visit Africa. South Africa will be a rich country.
The majority of Black couldn’t move in the middle class and remained in a state of poverty
-The incidence of murder:
-The incidence of murder:

※African government will realize that education is important to prevent the public security problems. Then, South Africa will be an
※If police officers are trained well, nations would trust police officers. Because criminals are afraid of punishment. And then, crime rates will be lower.
But, it's quite above Republic of South Africa's capability.
So, we propose that the UN aid Republic of South Africa with training police
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