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Types of Government: Communism, Monarchy, Oligarchy

Our "Lord of the Flies" project

Laura Duggan

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Types of Government: Communism, Monarchy, Oligarchy

Types of Government: Communism, Monarchy and Oligarchy Communism Communism is the political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property with public ownership and communal control of major means of production. Three Main Aspects of the Communism Theory Materialist Conception of History A Critique of Capitalism and its inner workings By:Laura Duggan and Maryellen McCarthy It's eventual replacement by Communism Monarchy Two Types of Monarchs Absolute Constitutional King or Queen rules the country and the people freely. The man who first started to create the theory and the scientific foundations of Communism was Karl Marx. No Constitution Proletariat: Communism is also the doctrine of the conditions for the liberation of the proletariat. The proletariat is a class in society that lives entirely from the sale of its labor. The working class of the 19th century Doesn't draw any profit from the capital Louis XIV of France was one of the most famous abosolute monarchs. He had a famous saying, L'état, c'est moi, meaning The State, It is me. For much of the 20th century, about one-third of the world's population lived under communist regimes. Rule by a single party Great Britain is one of the most famous constitutional monarchs today. The Queen acts as Head of State. The monarchs in Britain may advise the Parliament, but they can't vote. They have no political power. The monarchs also are the head of the military. Tolerate no opposition and little dissent Countries with a Communist Government Today China North Korea Cuba Vietnam The earlist known monarchy was Sumer and Egypt around 3000 B.C. Russia no longer has a Communist Government and now practices a Capitalist Market Economy Oligarchy King or Queen believes they rule by Divine Right. (belief God gave them to power to rule the country) An Oligarchy is a political system governed by a few people in a group Historical records have shown that oligarchies were common after the dark ages in Greece and Northern Italy. Two Types of Oligarchy's Castle Monarch is bounded by a national constitution. (Born into the position) Elected (Elected into the position) Besides that, it is not very common. Places with a History of having an Oligarchy China Greece City-States in the Roman Republic Usually has a prime minister or a Parliament that heads the government or advises the Monarchy in decision making involving law. Countries with an Absolute Monarch Today Brunei Oman Saudi Arabia Swaziland Vatican City Some of the Countries Today with a Constitutional Monarchy United Kingdom Spain The Netherlands Belgium Norway Sweden Communism, Monarchy, and Oligarchy governments are all effective but exclusive ways to rule a region or country. Thesis Famous Absolute Monarchs Peter the Great
of Russia Catherine the
Great of Russia Government ruled by one person Usually inherited Oldest known form of government James the first
of England Charles the first
of England Have very few to no power in politics
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