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George Orwell - 1984

Questions, Clips, and Pictures!

Gregg Givens

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of George Orwell - 1984

George Orwell - 1984
Click on the resource that you might need.
Part 1 - Exposition
Chapter Questions
Part 2 - The Love Story
Video Clips
1984 Part I Chapter 1

1. How does the first sentence set the mood for the novel?
2. What is up with the big poster?
3. What’s up with the telescreen?
4. Describe Winston’s physical appearance.
5. Explain the party slogans.
6. What are the “Victory” mansions?
7. What is ironic about the party name “Victory” for all of its products?
8. What events conspired to make Winston write in his diary?
9. What is “newspeak?”
10. Describe the tone of the first diary entry?
11. Which two character are foreshadowed in 1-I?
12. Describe the “Two Minutes Hate.”
13. What was the explicit purpose of the TMH?
14. What was the implicit purpose of the TMH?
15. What was the focus of the second diary entry?
16. Identify:

a. Hate week
b. Ingsoc
c. Thought Police

1984- Part I Chapter 2

1. Who caused Winston’s shock by knocking on the door?
2. What are the “Youth League” and “the Spies?”
3. Describe Tom Parsons.
4. What “rested” in the creases of
Mrs. Parson’s face?
5. What is “the place where there is no darkness?”
6. What is a rocket bomb? What does that resemble historically?
7. How long has Winston been “thinking” in the first two chapters in the novel?
8. What is thoughtcrime?
9. How does Winston expect to know if someone has found his diary and looked at it?
10. Describe the Parson household.

1984- Part I Chapter 3

1. How old was Winston when his mother disappeared?
2. What is the historical meaning of a purge?
3. What sacrifice did Winston’s mother and sister make for him?
4. Why?
5. What particularly interested Winston in his dream when the dark haired girl appeared in it?
6. Describe the evolution of war during Winston’s lifetime.
7. What is Ingsoc?
8. During the Physical Jerks, what did Winston achieve that he hadn’t been able to for many years?
9. What does that event show about the effects of the government?
10. Using a string of one word images, describe life in Oceania.

1984 Part I Chapter 4

1. What is the speakwrite?
2. Do we have comparable technology today?
3. What are memory holes?
4. What does “rectify” mean?
5. What is Winston’s job?
6. What is “interesting” about the figures for economic production?
7. What is the proletariat?
8. Describe the irony involved with Winston and his work?
9. Who was comrade Withers?
10. Who was comrade Ogilvy?
11. Why was he invented?

1984 Part I Chapter 5

1. Describe Syme.
2. According to Winston, what will happen to Syme?
3. What did the stew look like?
4. What is the aim of Newspeak?
5. What is the irony in the aim of Newspeak?
6. What is the Chestnut Tree Café?
7. What reprehensible thing did Parson’s daughter do on a community hike?
8. What contradiction occurred with the chocolate rations?
9. What is going on with the “dark haired girl” that seems to be following Winston?
10. What is symbolic about the tobacco falling out of Winston’s cigarette?
Part I Chapter 6

1. Give a reason that the marriage committee could veto a coupling?
2. How were children supposed to be conceived (according to party doctrine).
3. What was Winston’s wife named?
4. Describe her intellectual capacities?
5. Describe their physical relationship?
6. According to his wife, what was their “duty to the party?”
7. What was the content of this chapter’s journal entry?
8. Why do you think the party tried to cheapen relations between genders?

Part 1, Chapter 7
1. According to Winston, where does hope lie?
2. What percentage of the population are the proles?
3. Why do the proles have a difficult time rebelling?
4. According to the party text books, who did a lot of the factory work during the capitalist rule of England?
5. Who controlled the world?
6. What is jus primae noctis?
7. How are things in Oceania when compared to before the revolution?
8. What proof of historic falsification did Winston hold in his hand.
9. Who were involved, and where did Winston see them?
10. What odd event happened over the telescreen during that event?
11. Who is Winston writing the diary for?
12. What is Winston’s’ concern with 2+2=4 and 2+2=5?

Part 1, Chapter 8
1. What uncanny ability do the proles have that helped save Winston’s life?
2. What remnant of the steamer does Winston find?
3. What inane argument do the proles have as Winston passes by?
4. What prompted Winston to enter the pub?
5. What did Winston hope to accomplish by going in?
6. What’s at the core of the argument between the old man and the barkeep?
7. What was the outcome of Winston’s conversation?
8. What does Winston pick up ant the antique shop?
9. What unique item does Winston find very attractive at the shop?
10. What’s up with “Oranges and Lemons say …?
11. Who was following Winston?
12. What did he think of doing?
13. Why didn’t he?

The Two Minutes Hate
Winston and Big Brother
1984 - Full Movie
Buzzbomb - Steamer
Audio Book
Chapter 1
1. What did the dark haired girl give to Winston?
2. What did it say?
3. What effect did it have on him?
4. Describe Winston truing to talk with the girl for the first time?
5. What plans do they make during their first conversation?
6. Where and when do they plan to meet during their second conversation?
7. What affectionate gesture do they share at the chapter’s end

II Chapter 2

1. What took up nearly all the carriage that Winston used to get to the country?
2. What kind of flowers did he pick to present to the girl?
3. However unlikely, what might be hidden the trees or bushes?
4. What color are the girl’s eyes?
5. At their first contact, what was Winston feeling?
6. Why do you think he felt nothing else?
7. What’s the girl’s name?
8. What did she bring to the meeting that was unusually good and difficult to get?
9. What did Winston recognize about the place that they visited?
10. Why was Winston able to “feel” ready the second time they embraced?
11. Describe the girl’s character?
12. What about the girl’s character does Winston especially like?
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