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Consumer Vigilantes and Viral Marketing

No description

Joanna Phillips-Melancon

on 6 November 2017

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Transcript of Consumer Vigilantes and Viral Marketing

Consumer Vigilantes and Firestorms

500 - 1000 times more impact
9X more effective
90% trust content from peers
2.3 billion conversations about brands daily
Consumer Social Care

70% say 24 hours too long
most likely to reach out on Facebook 72%

84% say over an hour is too long on Twitter

64% say inquiries not resolved at all
Best Practices in Creating Social

*Followers spend 40% more, complainers 20% more

Social Media Firestorms
" online phenomenon that describes the sudden
discharge of large quantities of negative word-of-mouth
and complaint behavior against a person, company, or group in social media networks, often paired with intense indignation..."
By end of day- most talked about on Twitter
Company wasn't on Twitter, had no clue
Motrin apology comes in form of email and video on website

Domino's Pizza
Dominos did not find out until next day
Removed video, but already shared
Employees fired, apology issued, and assurances that pizza was not delivered

Last minute addition of Hashtag to #MeettheFarmers
Promoted Tweet
"Dude, I used to work at McDonald’s. The #McDStories I could tell would raise your hair.
"When homeless the best place to shoot up with MCD. Then sleep in the play tubes until school let out. #McDstories"
Campaign pulled in two hours, but continued trending

Consumer Social Voice


The biggest fails 2013

Followers: 20%

40% more

Identify a brand, celebrity, or organization social media firestorm
Describe what happened, company response, and what they might have done differently.
Present to class.
81% of consumers think Social media has increased accountability,

46% have called a company out on social media
Negative Word of Mouth

Exit Voice Loyalty

But nothing to describe the phenomenon of complaining online with a hope of rectifying the situation in some way, or eliciting some response from the organization

Relationship Stages: Initiation, Maintenance, Dissolution

Netnography; Facebook walls of 16 organizations for 24 hour blocks of time, Themes emerge
Early Squabbles

Why is it that me and everyone I know can't place a call right now?
The (Unsolicited Advisor)
"Delta, loyal diamond medallion member for years. Your new same day confirm is the worst. Taking perks away is bad for morale. My two cents."
On the Rocks
The Social Activist
Dear Coca-Cola, I feel it is important you know I have ceased purchasing your products due to yours sponsorship of the Olympic games in Sochi, Russia
The Dear John
7 years as a customer and $28,000 paid in for services...maybe I take my family plan to Verizon instead--horrible treatment of good customers
The Story of My Life

The Exes

The Passive-Aggressive
It boggles my mind how your company's
employees can blatantly lie to consumers
and not be held accountable.

The Troll
In 44 years I have never seen such terrible insurance coverage. I'll be back every day, as well as spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, my radio show, and in conversations
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