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George Ormisher

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Games

Each player roughly spends around £120 alone on WoW Subscription each year. Muliplyed by the number of players worldwide (13 million), Blizzard make an approximate revenue of £1.560.000.000 a year just from subscriptions. World of Warcraft is one of the top Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games with over 13 million members across the world and growing. (MMORPG) New expansion pack released once every few years offering new and exclusive content to keep players busy and keen. Annual event named BlizzCon is held where Bizzard Entertainment invite player of their games to gather. Real people will meet to play World of Warcraft together, dress up as characters and interact. Blizzard will use this opportunity to announce new expansions therefore promoting World of Warcraft. Players must pay a monthly fee of £8.99 (different in other currencies) in order to access the game content. On top of that, expansions will cost around £30-£40 for the plain expansion and around £60 for special edition. Special edition includes in game pet, artwork book, and mounts. Computer Games Industry Audience .Dual Distribution - Treyarch/Infinity Ward.
.Alternating games (one comes out every year) Activision funds Treyarch and Infinity Ward, who produce the games. Treyarch produced World at War, Black Ops/ Black Ops 2. Activision produces the Modern Warfare series. User Targeting Distributed through game consoles
(xbox/PS3/Wii/PC) User Positioning As well as being able to purchase the games on disk, both console and pc users can download the game online. This means anyone with an internet signal can access the game, making it widely available. Audience Response Debates on the relationships
between audiences/users
of text One of the biggest selling videogame franchises of all time. The franchise has a lot of hype surrounding every release. Dlc (downloadable content) provides extra income even after the game has been released. It also draws attention back to the game months after its release. Small independent company.
Not part of a well known corporation. Bossa's (Company) first game. Black ops 2 trailer used well known and popular stars such as Robert Downey Jr. and internet star FPS Russia to create interest in the game, even though they do not appear in the game itself. Distribution through Facebook and social networking. Distributes to online game sites that will then redirect you to Facebook. Call of Duty: Black Ops II is an 18+ first person shooter game developed by Treyarch and produced by Activision. The franchise often features aspects of gaming such as violence and combat in their games, which are conventional features of games of this genre. These features are used in Call of Duty to appeal and target their target audience of 18-40 year old males, based on stereotypical characteristics and preferences of gaming in age and gender. Events such as Eurogamer show off games such as Black Ops 2. It gives fans a taste of the game which allows hype to build for the release. Connection to Facebook means the game can reach a large audience. Monstermind uses Facebook to spread its popularity as Facebook is one of the most popular social network. Monstermind is a launch board to Bossa, by making a good game, they can increase the popularity of their company and make more games. It serves as a launchboard for the studio. World of Warcraft is a 12+ MMORPG produced by Blizzard Entertainment that was released in 2004. The gameplay revolves around one character through a 3rd person perspective, with the game based on the user progressing their individual character. This style of gaming is typical of this genre, and thus helps to target their audience by involving familiar styles of gaming. It features many direct forms and references to Fantasy and adventure, which is a less specific genre concerning age and gender unlike the Call of Duty franchise. "Freemium" game. Players can play for free which means lost of people are attracted to it. However, players can choose to spend real money to level faster or get better items. This way the developer can make money while still keeping a large audience. Plays on the large appeal of social games. People like to be able to interact and compete with their friends. Players are likely to refer their friends, creating a larger audience. Monstermind is a strategy game played only through the social networking site 'Facebook'. It is played with a birds-eye-view perspective which is a heavily recognized convention of strategy games. Its style of publication is very cartoony and not very graphic, which means that it can be labeled to any age in terms of content. Call of Duty is a 1st person shooter, which positions
the user in the game as if they are the character, seeing
the game as if they are looking at it from their perspective. This is a more hands-on approach to game play, as the user feels as if they are actually in the game completing the actions seen on-screen. This is the conventional perspective of this genre, and has been used to give the user more intimacy with the combat that it features as part of its User targeting. World of Warcraft places the user in a 3 rd person perspective, looking on at the virtual world from behind their character, which is fully visible on-screen. By doing this, it visually gives the user a more enhanced perspective of scale, as the games genre typically features mass landscapes and epic scenery which can be fully appreciated through this particular position of game play. It is also the most conventional perspective of this genre of game; which, like Call of Duty, is used to also target their audience. Narrative Narrative drivenCut scenesGoals/Missions Representation Violence:
- The main point of Call of Duty is to kill people, the whole game is full of violence that it is almost represented as a good thing.

- After a while the audience will become desensitized by the violence because they are use to it.

- In Call of Duty: Black Ops, the germans are represented in a negative way, they are the people you as the character have to kill. This relates back to World War 2 giving the game some history and creating realism. Genre Monstermind is played from an almost birds-eye-view perspective, with the user looking down on their town but from a slanted angle. This is typical of this genre of game, as Strategy's often feature aspects of tactic's and scale in their game play, with the objective of this game being to build and expand a town, with the user being able to see their whole town for the positioning of buildings etc. Narrative Representation The main narrative of this game is to build your own city, add defenses to protect it and destroy other peoples towns. - cartoon violence accepted more as its not realistic and is slightly comedic
- 3rd person
- Realism (looking after town/ economy)
- represented as cartoon using a lot of colour which increases demographic age. completing a story through levels Genre Monstermind has a genre of strategy.
Controlling, problem solving, premium, god game,cartoon violence, lacking of realism, building, defending and destroying are typical to the genre. Narrative The narratives of Wow contain different races such as Troll,Goblin and Tauren. This is within a bigger narrative,the battle between two sides, Horde and Alliance. In order to keep users interested and keep them playing new expansions are added and quests can be done to develop characters further. Every expansion distributed through downloadable disk or online installation. Once downloaded or installed, the new expansion will add new features into the original game (weapons, armour, mounts etc). This creates more revenue for the company, moths or even years after the games release. Genre WoW Reality Representation Text The genre of this game is a first and third person shoot em up game,with it also fitting into the genre of War. Action-shooting,killing,blood and explosions are all typical of this genre. Promoted at games conventions , building hype and promoting itself to its target audience. People can talk to the developers allowing them to get the game in the public eye. Call of Duty is a series of games, with most of them following over arching storylines and being similar in their game play experience. This, and the fact they are all 1st person shooters featuring the same conventions of its genre, triggers the audience to respond to the franchise by buying into it. By making a series of similar games, the audience know what they are going to experience, and the interaction of the different games provokes the audience to buy the next game, with some of the games even promoting its successor within the games. Representation of China/ Japan
Stereotypes and Connotations;
- Architecture
- Chinese Lanterns
- Sensei
- Pandas= both
sides (peacemakers)
- Swords World of Warcraft is only one game itself, but features expansion packs instead of releasing new games like Call of Duty. These expansion packs, which are huge in content and highly diverse, are released every 18 months- 2 years; due to this, they almost act as a completely new game, despite their 'expansion' label. This helps to keep the game fresh, and maintain the audiences interest in it, which has worked efficiently for the ten years since WoW's release. In recent times, the veteran gamers of WoW would probably buy the newer expansion packs in habit of the game and how its audience has been targeted in previous years. Third person fantasy roleplaying game. (Possibly option to play as first person as game ‘camera’ can be moved and zoomed in and out, allowing the player to choose to view the game world from the characters perspective).
Generally onscreen character seen at a distance from any angle.
Character always visible and the camera follows the action from behind or over their shoulder.
It’s an MMO game – Which means ‘Massive Multiplayer Online’. (sometimes referred to as an MMORPG – the RPG stands for Role Playing Game). Mist's of Pandaria: WoW's newest expansion pack trailer. Quest and adventure structure.
A multi-layered, three act structure. Proceeds from an orientation stage through various complications and blockages to a simple resolution, however, continually expanding the game allows for individual expansions to be viewed as ‘Acts’.
Faithfully preserves element of original WoW. Brings the original adventure (human’s v.s. orcs) up to date, weaving in much extended lore, developing a greater bank of characters and individual stories. The game can be played on a variety of levels.
Narrative is interrupted by series of puzzles or games to be solved, Quests to be completed, ‘cinematic’ cut-scenes and opportunities to interact with other players are constantly available, as the game relies heavily on multi-player activities. MonsterMind's 'Birds-eye-view' perspective Players construct their own characters and personalise them as well as naming them.
Issues of Gender representation. [Mulvey and the male gaze.]
Issues of realism
The Role of the ‘Hero’
Good vs. evil
Representation of Place. Use of exotic locations and acceptability of ‘Warcraft’ suggesting an art form that needs perfecting.
Stereotyping of certain cultures in order to add authenticity and lend relatability to the game (i.e. there is heavy use of varying tribal iconography as well as Egyptian, Arabian, Indian and Oriental influences.)
Iconography from ‘foreign’ and ‘ancient’ cultures suggested as holding some mystery and magic.
Different races in the game are provided with different accents, each recognisable from a real accent (Draenei sound Russian, Pandaeran sound Asian, Trolls sound Caribbean, etc… A screenshot of CoD in-game:
An explosion can be seen in the background, with the main character holding guns and looking on at the combat of other players. '
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