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on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Knowledge

What Makes People Happy?
If you don't want someone to be unhappy don't give them two choices, just one, better yet, give them none. Let them forget, and not worry.(58;pt.1)
Being able to be open to hope and have your own interests will help you be happier.
Positive Emotions
One cause of happiness is the ability to find the worth in living. You don't talk things, you talk the meaning of things. You sit there and know your alive.(71;pt.2)
There are several positive emotions that are sources of happiness: hope, love, awe, amusement, serenity, and many others.(Maymin/Grohol)
Practicing these daily can help improve happiness

When people feel like they are full of facts they feel brilliant, and they will feel like they are thinking. They will be happy because these facts don't change.(58;pt.1)
Being knowledgable helps to bring a sense of pride.
This causes the idea of self worth which helps maintaining happiness.(Elias)
Having a support group is a major motivator in happiness, so it helps to have a parent who is an avid reader so they would support you if you too wanted to learn and pursue reading.(Alexie;Para.2)
Being able to read and write also help expand the imagination, and inspire the mind with topics that interest them.(Maymin/Grohol)
Items like finding things that inspire and interest you help improve happiness.
A happy life doesn't come from financial success, but it is still a tool for a better life.
The only purpose of money in happiness is to create the life you desire, but after modest level of income, money no longer increases happiness, more so how they spend it.(Krampe)
What is Happiness?
Happiness is caused by a sense of self worth, having fun, experiencing new things, doing what you love, and having a large support group.
People themselves are aware whenever they are happy.(Maymin/Grohol)
The happiest people surround themselves with people they love, have fun, and forgive easily.(Elias)
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