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Dinosaur Documentation

No description

Hilda Munoz

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Dinosaur Documentation

We are 3 teachers and decided to bring three different provocations:
Chloe with the “dinosaur” provocation
Suyeon with the “trucks” provocation
Hilda (myself) with the “dogs” provocation.

My set up:
-dog books
-picture of different dogs around the world with names
-picture of Chloe’s dog and my dog
-1 dog bone & 1 dog collar
-2 stuffed dogs

My provocation was successful; the children were curious about it and came to the table to explore the materials. However, the most successful table was the "dinosaur" table with more children attending the table

"Dooley Song"
February 3, 2014

As a group we sang a Korean song named “Dooley” and read a short story created by the teachers related to the song. The children were happy and excited to shake the maracas and rainsticks. They also seemed interested when we sang in other language.

The children used their auditory and music skills by shaking and manipulating musical instruments and following to the melody (ELECT, 5.4, p.60).

The children used their conversation skills as they shared ideas and discusses about the dinosaur story that was read to them (ELECT, 3.4 p. 48).

"Creating Dinosaur Masks"
February 26, 2014

All the children wanted to participate, they were very excited to create the masks and take them home.
"Hunting Dinosaurs"
March 5, 2014

Jungle-like setting with trees and plants.
We hid 5 dinosaurs, two dinosaur eggs, and one lion in different parts of the room.
the children searched everywhere in the room until they found all the items.
They seemed extremely enthusiastic and it was a great experience.

"Dinosaur T-Rex"
Hilda Arevalo
Gross Motor
- pretend to walk/run/creep/fly like a dinosaur
-play dinosaur game (catching dinosaur)
-play instruments to the rhythm of dinosaur song

-play in a dinosaur world setting pretending to be dinosaurs
-dinosaur bakery, create a bakery and cook muffins or cookies in a dinosaur shape
-role play of "Dooley"
-Hunt dinosaurs around the room

-explore a bin with sand and dinosaurs
-making dinosaurs with play-dough and adding loose parts
-baking dinosaur muffin by adding things that look like dinosaurs

-brainstorming name of dinosaurs, colors, shapes, etc.
-showing dinosaur pictures to the children
-teacher creative game "Dinosaur Dress-up"
- dinosaur eggs hatch

Present documentations and project presentation with a tablet or laptop
-paint dinosaur on construction paper using different tools
-make dinosaur masks using plates, scissors, markers and so on.
-create dinosaur house using shoe boxes, loose parts, paint, markers etc.

-learning various types of dinosaurs, names, shapes, colours and so on.
-difference between fast andslow dinosaurs
-colouring big dinosaur in different colours as a group
- Learn about T-Rex

-explore dinosaur puzzles
-measuring dinosaur's tail, legs, feet, mouth and more
-playing with a matching game
-feeding dinosaurs and counting the food
-Sing“Dooley”song and use instruments
-dance to dinosaur songs
-create dinosaur songs and movements

& Literacy
- Read and explore the teacher creative dinosaur book “Dooley”
- observe and explore dinosaur photographs and label them with the names
-letter bag with dinosaurs

Provocation Pictures
Music "Dooley Song" Pictures
Art "Creating Masks"Pictures
Math "Feed the Dinosaurs" Pictures
Drama "Hunting Dinosaurs" Pictures
Group-Time 1 "Dinosaur T-Rex" Pictures
Children's Questions
"Feed The Dinosaurs"
January 27 , 2014
L. said: "I want to draw a dog"
S. said: "I like this little white dog
As mentioned before, we decided to choose dinosaurs as our topic due to the popularity.
Y. said "I want that mask!"
N. said "I want to be the dinosaur"
The children used their fine motor skills as they utilized tools such as scissors, pencils, crayons, markers (ELECT, 5.3, p.60).

The children wore their masks and pretended to be a dinosaur, making dinosaur sounds and playing with each other using their representation skills (ELECT, 4.3, p.52).
N. said: "Roaarrrr! I'm a dinosaur"
S. said: "I'm making a dinosaur!!"
Date: March 3, 2014
Description: based on my observations I provided two different teacher created materials for the children to enhance their math skills. They were very enthusiastic to participate and spent a long time playing with the materials.

March 3, 2014

The activity consisted of two teacher creative materials.
The children were very enthusiastic to participate and spent a long time playing with the materials.

The children used their communication of findings skills as they used mathematical process such as counting the "dinosaur food" (ELECT, 4.8, p.54).
The children demonstrated the use of pincer grasp when feeding the dinosaurs using the clothe pins (ELECT, 5.3, p.60).

E. said: "these are 4!"
E. & D. said: "I want to play"
L. said: "I am feeding the dinosaur"
The children demonstrated observational skills as they searched for the items by visually attending the environment (ELECT, 4.5, p.53).

During the experience the children played co-operatively by exchanging ideas, taking part of the experience as a group, following rules, listening and thinking as a group and engaging in group decisions (ELECT, 1.6, p.44).

N. said: "I found one!!"
D. said "I found one too!!"
I. said: "I think I can see one!"
March 17-19 & April 2, 2014

To extend the children's learning from "Hunting Dinosaurs", I implemented a group time that consisted of:
1 teacher created dinosaur T-Rex
clothes to dress it up
two T-Rex books
a container with water
2 dinosaurs eggs
After playing the "dress-up" activity and read the two books, we placed the eggs into the water and left them for the next day to hatch.

During all the circle time learning experiences the children demonstrated skills to regulate attention, emotions and behaviour (ELECT, 2.5, p.47).

The children demonstrated questioning skills by asking how did the eggs hatch? What is inside of it? How does it feel? (ELECT,4.4, p.53).

D. said: "I want to put the scarf on the dinosaur"
I. said: "I want to smell it!"
The children were very attentive throughout the circle time
Group-Time Extended
Second day of Group-Time "Dinosaur T-Rex"
Extension of learning experience:
The children were very excited to see the dinosaur eggs hatch. Therefore, I decided to extend their learning and add a second day to the experience. The eggs hatched after 24 hours
Final day of "Dinosaur T-Rex"
After observing how much fun the children had dressing up the dinosaur. I decided to extend their learning by bringing more clothes and letting the children play together or individually throughout the day
I. said: "I wanna touch it"
D. put the hat on the T-Rex
E. said: "I want to feel it!"
N. asked: "Which one do you like?"
E. said: "this one is my favourite"
D. said: "my favourite is T-Rex"
Prof. Cindy Smith
April 10, 2014

Project Closure Party!
Thank you for watching!
April 7 & 9
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