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Bomb Squad Robot

Saves lives...if you know how to control it.

evan pierce

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Bomb Squad Robot

Saves lives
...if you know how to use it Bomb Defusing Robot Can the robot do anything else? What does the robot do? It probably could, but only the military gets to use them. So, no. What are the robot's advantages and disadvantages? How will this robot be improved in the future? It defuses bombs so humans don't have to go in harm's way. Where is the robot used? It is used in military zones
where bombs and IEDs
aren't unusual. It has 2 flexible joints and 1 that just turns, plus 3 more flexible ones in the hand. How is the robot taught to do it's job? It isn't taught. An operator controls the robot at all times. It can't function by itself. What sensors does the robot have and how does it use them? It has a camera for the operator to see what the robot sees, and an arm to defuse bombs. One advantage is obviously that it saves lives by keeping humans from having to get near dangerous bombs.
A disadvantage is that the robot is really expensive to make, depending on the model, so you really don't want it blowing up on it's first mission. What jobs/careers can this robot create? People can get jobs building, controlling, and repairing it. It will become lighter so it can be transported more easily and nimbler so it will work quicker.
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