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Rosey times

No description

Nejm Eddine Serraoui

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Rosey times

The Rosey Times The Rosey Times is going to be a newspaper available to students on the web, it will be avaible for all sort of audience perhaps : teachers, students and parents.
It will be a magazine about the events happening in the school on and off campus, for example: expeditions, defis etc... The audience The point of this newspaper is to bring everyone together and remind us the fact that we are all a community.
Also to talk about all the events that we will have and it will be a useful way for the students to express them selfs in a "total liberty".
It will also keep us up to date just like an actual newspaper
it will be a way to know what happened in the different activities the school offers. The point of having a newspaper Well the question that we are mostly asking right now is, is anyone going to go on it ? Is it worth working so hard on it and after wards no one going to see it so we thought about the different perspectives that people would have on it. What people will think of it? The Committee is going to be a group of students that will correct the articles that other students will be sending to us.
By correcting them we mean check the spelling and also get the article more appropriate.
Anyone can be in the committee but if you want
to be in the committee you need to take responsibilities, that are to check the articles
properly, be on time for meetings
.... The magazine committee Well for the growth is going to be a growth that will mostly depend on the audience if people like it we will do many many editions but if people dont like it the editions will be fewer . The Growth When its going to be published any questions ? Thank you for watching The Rosey times Oh! It is really interesting to see what my son is doing at school. That is so useful now I can know what is happening in the same time as I play games. This is a really good idea to make the students do that they are progressing an getting a lot more comfindet in there essays. Different
perspectives a The growth After wards it will be Really
Huge ! That is what it is going to be
in the beginning It is going to be posted on Wednesday afternoons when people are relaxing and shopping. in special occasions such as ceremonies, thanks givings and graduations, the news will be posted on a Saturday afternoon. by Nejmo
and Sergey to have a network where everyone will be able to express themselves without being judged . 100
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