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The Immune System

Immune system project with COOKIES!!!!!! I think i did pretty good. :)

Emily Sheff

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of The Immune System

The Immune System
By Emily Sheff
Structure and Function
Your immune system's job is to keep your body heathy by killing any bad things that enter your bloodstream. (basically) The structure looks a lot like this:
Diseases and Illnesses
-Autoimmunity: Your immune system sees everyday tissues as bad things and
attacks them. There are more than 80 types and it's a lot like having allergies. You could get it because of either weird medicine that could mess your immune system up or you could have a gene that tells your immune system to attack normal tissues. When you have autoimmunity you could feel tired, have a fever, and just feel
generally sick like you want to throw up.
How to keep your Immune System Healthy
Eating certain foods help to keep your immune system up. Some foods are: yogurt (which has some bacteria in it that really helps), oats and barley (heals wounds faster and makes antibiotics work faster), garlic (which reduces the risk of some types of cancer), tea (a chemical that really helps immunity is found a lot in black and green teas), chicken soup (which helps stop bad white cells from moving around), fish (it helps a lot with the flu), beef (which has a ton of zinc), and finally, mushrooms (they make your white cells more aggressive)
Interrelationship with other Body Systems
One of the systems the immune system can relate to is the circulatory system.
It relates to it because white blood cells, T-Cells, and all Lymphocytes are part of your blood stream.
Your immune system is all over your body. It is in your blood stream and even in your important organs like your heart. Some important parts of your immune system are:
- something that doesn't belong in the body that has been labeled with an antibody.
- A cell whose sole purpose is to get rid of anything that has been labeled with an antigen. T-Cells can't recognize free-floating antigens but B-Cells can. T-Cell are lymphocytes, just like B-Cells. There are 3 basic types: Helper, Cytotoxic, and Memory.
- A Y-shaped protein that B-Cells use to label bad things in the body
- A lymphocyte that makes antibodys.
- a group of white blood cells in your immune system
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