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Jub's media blog

the 1st media blog prezi

Jubal green

on 2 January 2012

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Transcript of Jub's media blog

jub's media blog in a nutshell 1. research
2. planning
3. final products
4. evaluation contents 1. Research theory ideas Here I used my knowlage from lessons to make an analysis of the videos I looked at on youtube. I found that most videos could be applied to certain theories such as Goodwin and Propp. http://blog.cadcol.ac.uk/s46200/2011/03/02/theory-ideas/ music video and analysis here are the videos I looked at click
anywhere http://blog.cadcol.ac.uk/s46200/2011/03/03/music-video-and-analysis/?preview=true&preview_id=242&preview_nonce=2ed9ff4b00 http://blog.cadcol.ac.uk/s46200/2011/03/03/music-video-and-analysis-3/ questionnaire I made a questionnaire because
it's great for gathering information
to get a glimpse of what your audience
is about. This idea is what I based my
products on. http://blog.cadcol.ac.uk/s46200/2011/03/04/questionnaire/ Ancillary product
album art
research I based alot of my
album inspiration
on images and album
covers by bands like these below. BAND research I found a band :D
they had the perfect music style to suit my genre, and they were unsigned. This meant I could contact them and get the products made for one of their songs. the silver souvenirs http://www.myspace.com/silversouvenirs planning initial ideas with the music provided I made a video to suit, but this didnt work out so well as I had not taken full advantage of editing. I used minimal cuts and a different more complex storyline. I used premiere pro to make cuts and use transition effects. Pictures for ancillary

An example of a picture I edited for media includes the picture above. I gave it a grungy effect. I used this to make the digipack. pictures for location here I set out the locations of my video. This helped me to plan a better story than my previous idea. video plan
I drew quick sketches to indicate my story, this became usefull to follow once I was filming. final products the final video http://blog.cadcol.ac.uk/s46200/category/a2-prodject/a2-final-products/ see link for discription http://issuu.com/unkiejubjub/docs/silver-souvenirs-before-edit?mode=embed&layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Flight%2Flayout.xml&viewMode=http://issuu.com/unkiejubjub/docs/silver-souvenirs-before-edit?mode=embed&layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Flight%2Flayout.xml the final digipack after looking at the digipack and getting audience feedback I decided to add a picture of a band member to link the products together. final poster This is the final poster I made with the other two products, it promotes the album release and keeps with the grunge themes. You may notice the image of the digipack imput into the pster to create visual links. evaluation websites used when my products were made I distributed them in different ways.
these sites include :
Wordpress - facebook - youtube - prezi - issuu. video evaluation http://blog.cadcol.ac.uk/s46200/category/a2-prodject/a2-evaluation/
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