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Music Therapy For Autism - Focused Education

No description

aishah salim

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Music Therapy For Autism - Focused Education

Choice of Topic Lesson Plan 1 Lesson Plan 2 Conclusion We are putting forward a project of modifying Eden School's current curriculum by implementing Music Therapy in their framework. VS - Music Therapy would improve
communication and social skills of the autistic students. PROJECT TASK 1 : EUREKA MOMENT


GROUP : MI015 MUSIC THERAPY + In 19th Century Music Therapy, a Eureka Moment During World War 2 - Children with ASD have special receptiveness to music
- This will improve their life quality How Music Therapy works -about 12 - 16 participants

- usually seated in a circle

-requires the usage of musical instruments such as piano or guitar Eden School Limitations and Proposed
Solutions Feasibility of Project Autism Spectrum Disorder + = We intend to morph the functions of music therapy into their academic framework; after altering it to fit the targeted group. Proposed Modification Lesson Plan 3 Strength of Project SINGING CIRCLE MUSICAL ROLE PLAYING 1. High Cost
Solution: Train the teachers 2. Difficulty in implementation
Solution: One to one session 3. Varied Effectiveness
Solution: Separate the students 1. There is a need to help the student with special needs 2. Music therapy is conducted in different ways and it is affordable.
3. Benefits Autistic Students (Age and Emotionally) 1. (Email) Survey with Professional
Psychotherapist Teresa Malar Benedict (NIE, Post Grad Special Needs, Swinburne University of Technology, Graduate in Diploma in Social Science and Professional Counseling, University of London System, Law) 2. Survey on 50 People Step 1: Settle down Step 3: Begin the activity Step 2: Brief summary Step 1: Settle down Step 2: Briefing Step 3: Start Activity Process: Step 1: Ice breaker game Step 2: Teach the rhythm Step 3: Incorporating words Rhythmic Spelling Bee - Use a positive tone when talking as it is able to generate a positive response - Add in the "I Spy" game at the end of every verse of the song - Conduct an ice-breaker game such as 'The Broken Telephone' - Instructions regarding different roles available, and their task - Based on the scenario that is chosen - Conduct an ice-breaker, e.g. Charades - With the aid of musical instruments such as guitar and piano - Usage of picture cards and drawings
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