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Hmong Gangs

No description

Hmong Gangs

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Hmong Gangs

Hmong Gangs in the US Hmong Gangs Hmong gangs started around the 1970's . It all was form to protect all the Hmong refugee against all other races. Then sooner or later the Hmong gang started to move around the U.S and start to make different gangs. The problem that made all gangs hate each other is because back in the days a person of each gangs talks to the same girl . Then one day they all found out that all of them were talking to the same girl , they all got mad and started to shoot each other and the ones that survive told their gang leader what happen. Each gangs leaders started to hate each other. M.O.D. 301 (Menace Of Destruction)
A.C. 357 (Asian Crips)
H.T. 117 (Hmong Thugs)
J.C.C. 103 (Junior Criminal Crips)
H.N.S. 475 (Hmong Nation Society)
O.R.B. 023 (Oriental Rutheless Boyz)
H.P. 46 (Hmong Pride)
Blood Brothers (G.B Hmong Gang)
S.B.G 589 (Sheboygan Boy Gang)
O.M.B (Oroville Mono Boys)
R.A.B (Ruthless Asian Brothers)
G-LOC (Gangster Loco Oriental Crew) An example of how gangs affect the youth. Survey 1. How do you feel about Hmong gangs? A) Good
B) Bearable
C) Unbearable
D) Not Important This is a Video of the hmong youth Fighting other Races. This is a examples of Hmong Gangs. 1. How do you feel about Hmong gangs?

2. How do you think Hmong people would be today if there were no gangs ?

3. Where are Hmong gangs mostly located? We asked the following questions to people. In the following slide we will show you the answers and explain the dominant answer that they have chosen The Dominant answer to this question was D . This answer was chosen because Hmong gang isn't important and its not my goal to become in one. 2.How do you think Hmong people would be today if there were no gangs ? The History of the Hmong Gangs A) Great, a lot of good Hmong population.
B) Okay, Just a little Better than how it is.
C) It would be the same.
D) The community would be Worse. The Dominant answer to this question was D because they didn't want Hmong gangs to exist. 3. Where are Hmong gangs mostly located? A) California
D)North/South Carolina The most dominate answer to this question was B because Minnesota has the most Hmong population/gangs than any of these choice. Everybody who helped us! Deon Herr, Leon Herr, Sean Herr, Truasia Lor, Kristina Yang, Meng Moua, Michael Moua, Blake Lee, Denise Yang, Blong Thao, Pagnia Her, Jacquelin Vang, Lee Xiong, James Moua, James Vang, Alan Moua , Michael Thao, Richard Vang, Steven Thao, Michelle Lee, Brenda Lee, Nouly Xiong, Lily Yang, Cher Lee, Hawj Moua, Roger Yang, Lilee Xiong, Monica Vue, Lee Moua, Vang Vang, Yee Yang, Panzee Lee, Chai Thor, Boofonda Vang, Chris xiong, Thang Yang, Nita Vue, Andrew Vue, Linda Xiong, Timothy Vang, Owen Moua, Penny Vang, George Vue, Tom Moua, Tony Moua, Tom Vang, Jillian Vang, Robert Yang, Nick Lor. By: Brandon Moua (AKA Ratchet Kid 209)
Tony Vang (AKA Smexy Boi 559)
Maisee Yang (AKA Daf Gurl 911)
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